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  • n. release from slavery, freedom, the act of manumitting

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  • n. The act of manumitting, or of liberating a slave from bondage.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Liberation from slavery, bondage, or restraint; a setting free; emancipation.

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  • n. the formal act of freeing from slavery


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From the past participle stem of Latin manumittere.


  • Some had technical meanings in the Middle Ages which had to be matched very carefully to how they were used in the text 'manumission' for instance, while some bring up thoughts of the Middle Ages that reflect nineteenth century romanticism in minds of most readers.

    Even in a little thing

  • The final examination was to him, no doubt, a kind of manumission which freed him from the last remnant of an oppressive bondage.

    Frederic Chopin as a Man and Musician

  • The departure of the Chaldeans was a kind of manumission of the Jews; but as their manumission of their bond-servants was recalled, so God revoked His manumission of them from the Chaldeans.

    Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible

  • They are his manumission papers, his freedom papers.

    Eliza’s Freedom Road

  • It isn ` t, it ` s selling the public ` s liberty back to it, inviting the public to pay for its own manumission concerning a copyright protected work.

    Labels’ back catalogues already belong to us!

  • There is a similar issue (and confusion) between manumission and laissez faire between the GPL and BSD licenses (as between CC-SA and CC0).

    ‘Rights are good …’

  • Other New England states, and Pennsylvania, began programs for gradual manumission that freed all children born of slave parents.

    What Michele Bachmann Should Have Said About Slavery

  • Moreover, he may have agonized over slavery, but * unlike* Washington and pretty much all of the other slave-owning Founders, he did not provide manumission for his slaves.

    Matthew Yglesias » Pro-Slavery

  • This is not a mercenary pursuit of cheap promotion, but a philanthropic manumission of our fellows.

    I, Pirate …

  • There were legal obstacles that prevented a lot of anti-slavery slaveowners from freeing their slaves (though laws against manumission varied), and others like Washington and Jefferson had mortgaged estates with slaves that in a sense were not theirs to give away (though Jefferson did free nine of them).

    Jefferson on the Indians, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty


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  • from Thomas Carlyle's The French Revolution

    March 6, 2011