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  • n. A friend, pal, buddy, mate.


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From Old Norse margr.


  • To no avail, however, because by then, President Lula had decided he was going to have this dam "na lei ou na marra," as he put it, by hook or by crook.

    Vicky Shorr: The People vs. the Dam

  • Kerry Katona, former not-a-singer with Atomic Kitten, has responded to allegations that she was drunk or on drugs during an interview on This Morning Wazzafuggin marra wid, wid, eh?

    News Round Up

  • Theory about the Monster by nick.marra | LOST Theories

    Theory about the Monster by nick.marra

  • The U.S. Army does indeed confirm that the action in S.marra S.nday afternoon was the biggest combat action U.S. forces have seen since the declared end of the war last May.

    CNN Transcript Dec 1, 2003

  • Glossary: sheelicks: husked grain riddle: sieve ben: in helster-howdie: from "heels ower gowdie"; head-over-heels teuchit: lapwing tint: lost barra-shaft: handle of a wheelbarrow chiel: man min't: reminded hurled: driven, carried, hauled marra: equal


  • A man could forget he was living on and in a killing machine, moving inexorably toward an appointment in Sa - marra.

    The Heirs of Babylon

  • There's nae leevin 'for a doctor wi' that Drumtochty air; it hasna a marra in Scotland.

    Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush

  • There are also the ikan krapo, a kind of rock-cod or sea-perch; ikan marrang or kitang (teuthis), commonly named the leather fish, and among the best brought to table; jinnihin, a rock-fish shaped like a carp; bawal or pomfret (species of chaetodon); balanak, jumpul, and marra, three fish of the mullet kind (mugil); kuru

    The History of Sumatra Containing An Account Of The Government, Laws, Customs And Manners Of The Native Inhabitants

  • Wassa marra - couldn't they afford a set of curtains - bloody exhibitionists!!

    Army Rumour Service

  • When somebody calls me a marra I'll be very pleased indeed.

    Whitehaven News headlines


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