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  • proper n. A female given name.


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Anglicized from Лара, a Russian pet form of Larissa and Laura, known from the novel (1957) and film (1965) Dr Zhivago.


  • MICHAEL RAINS, ATTORNEY FOR LARA KNUTSEN: Well, Ted, understand, I met with Lara for quite a while today.

    CNN Transcript Aug 17, 2006

  • RCA Records Executive Director: Horace ArchieSpears lara fabian & immortelle au "choisissez vos chansons" Italian-Belgian pop singer Lara - Articles related to Christina Aguilera sings Disney songs to her son

  • In their train were female slaves, Giuvendi, in male attire, who not only served to amuse them in their hours of ease with singing and dancing, but also followed them to battle (as Kaled followed Lara, see _Lara_, Canto II. stanza xv., etc.), for the purpose of holding their horses when they fought. "

    The Works of Lord Byron. Vol. 3

  • Like most of my work, I published it under the name Lara Adams.

    Thirst No. 3

  • The email also had prominently the phrase "Lara Giddings MP, Acting Acting Premier". | Top Stories

  • Indeed, I purchased this house under the name Lara Adams, and that’s the name I go by around town.

    Thirst No. 3

  • One of the leaders of the Cananea Strike of 1906, Lázaro Gutiérrez de Lara, is executed in Sáric, Sonora.

    Mexico this month - December

  • Lara is supposed to be a female version of Indiana Jones crossed with a smidgen of James Bond.

    Exposing Lara's... Equanimity?

  • Lara is like that because it sells, this is obvious, she was made at a time when people didnt need to think about the female audience and making a hot chick for young boys was a great call.

    Exposing Lara's... Equanimity?

  • I'm pretty sure all us gals are smart enough to know that Lara is a video game character and not a real person.

    Exposing Lara's... Equanimity?


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