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  • n. The act of killing one's mother.
  • n. One who kills one's mother.

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  • n. The killing of one's mother.
  • n. A person who kills his or her mother.

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  • n. The murder of a mother by her son or daughter.
  • n. One who murders one's own mother.

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  • n. One who kills his or her mother.
  • n. The killing or murder of one's mother.

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  • n. a person who murders their mother
  • n. the murder of your mother


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matri- + -cide.


  • But thou shalt not be called the matricide, when thou hast slain her, but dropping this name thou shalt arrive at better things, being styled the slayer of the havoc-dealing

    The Tragedies of Euripides, Volume I.

  • While we have endured patri/matricide, systematic rape and other atrocities for years.

    Bishops slam 'unacceptable' health care bill

  • It is a key significance of the play, I think, that we have this prefigura of a monstrum that does not come to pass -- or not quite the way we expect it to -- in so far as the text is wrought with the undercurrents of Hamlet's potential matricide of Gertrude.

    Modality and Hamlet

  • He must not bring about the monstrum of matricide.

    Modality and Hamlet

  • From matricide to patricide, as boring turncoat alien Ryan sneaks back on the ship to fetch his rapidly maturing hybrid daughter Amy, but is instead killed presumably when Amy wraps her own tail around dad's neck, revealing her allegiance to surrogate mommy Anna.

    Matt's TV Week in Review

  • Strauss leapt into an acid vat of bad taste in his earlier works, embracing necrophilia and incest in Salome, matricide in Elektra.

    Die Frau ohne Schatten; BBC Proms 61 & 62 – review

  • So she got elected (with economic threats and promises of free Jonas Brothers tickets to the entire United States) and passed a matricide law to kill her mother.

    Tiffany's Economy

  • Halloween brought pure evil into our safe, suburban homes and Night put tons of taboos on the screen (necrophilia, patricide, matricide, racism, heresy, government corruption, etc) in a way that made the film haunting in a subconscious way.

    Sunday Discussion: The Decline of the Horror Genre? «

  • What a great idea for a book this is—what a record of filial loathing, sexual scheming, parental neglect, suicide, fratricide, matricide, patricide, infanticide, incest, and abuse . . .

    Caesars’ Wives

  • Gaia, the Earth, is our mother and we are engaging in matricide against her.

    We've become our own predators".


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  • Mater or Matri refers to Mother in Latin and ' Cide' refers to killing.

    Mater+Cide = Matricide = Killing one's own mother.

    October 22, 2013