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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of mention.


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  • Looks great as usual --the title mentions sausage, but where's the amount of sausage and its placement in the stack?

    Grilled Zucchini "Lasagna" with Italian Sausage, Tomato, and Basil Sauce

  • As the title mentions, this should teach us how to get the most out of the BES solution.

    Live at WES 2007 « Boy Genius Report

  • The label mentions that ras el hanout may contain rose buds and Spanish fly.

    Archive 2006-11-01

  • Musk and to me, baked rhubarb ... ignore this, while the nose is interesting and hard to pin down, all the action is in the mouth ... the label mentions this is a dry rosé, but there is still a hint of sweetness and a pleasing amount of flesh, texture and zippy acidity.

    Wino sapien

  • The title mentions two female roles common throughout the history of art: the idealized muse who inspires the artist, and the laboring drudge whose behind-the-scenes toil supports him (a "him" because of the male-oriented tradition to which Mullen is referring.)

  • As the title mentions, Serena will become the first female to ever cover an EA sports simulation.

    Gaming Nexus

  • I think the theory that TabulaRasa mentions is a good one and it would be interesting pursuing that angle.

    The Tail Section » Theory Time - Rite Aid Confirms Christian Shephard Alive

  • I'm afraid no one will be able to help you without a lot more information about your system: TV, signal source (cable? satellite? antenna?), receiver, etc. Your title mentions HDMI.

    Home Theater Forum

  • The unfairly exploited poor minority students that Somin mentions can learn their trade elsewhere and perhaps get reasonably paid for their effort as honest professionals instead of as fraudulent scholarship “students.”

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Against the NCAA Cartel

  • BTW, I have heard of/participated in all the other things the guy mentions from the era except "brothel creeps".

    Fads of the Fifties


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  • It is also the plural of the noun 'a mention'. 'The soldier had another mention in a despatch. He has now had 3 mentions.'

    'A mention in a despatch' implies an unusually good report in the UK armed forces.

    September 12, 2011

  • Yay! I got here. But I'm deeply disappointed to see all y'all got here almost a year ago...

    June 13, 2008

  • Usually, easter egg refers to a hidden message or other secret that people sneak into something they make, like a goofy picture of the programmers in an obscure part of a computer program, or a movie director appearing in a brief cameo in his own film. I wouldn't say the Wordie stuff quite fits under that definition, but it's close enough. :-)

    Check out this site for a huge collection of real easter eggs in all sorts of stuff. :-)

    June 20, 2007

  • Easter Egg meaning...hidden quirks?

    I wonder if that comes from the google doodle.

    June 20, 2007

  • I thought we did too. Now if only we could find it.... ;-)

    June 20, 2007

  • Didn't we have a word for Wordie Easter eggs?

    June 20, 2007

  • Hey, neat! Thanks, u!

    June 19, 2007

  • Hey, it's, like, a secret thing on Wordie. Sort of. This word is in wonky territory. Try linking to it in a comment, and you'll see what I mean:


    June 19, 2007