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  • adj. Ecology Of, characterized by, or adapted to a moderately moist habitat.

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  • adj. Moist.
  • adj. Adapted to a moist habitat.
  • adj. Of or pertaining to mesons; mesonic.

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  • adj. of or pertaining to a meson
  • adj. having or characterized by moderate or a well-balanced supply of moisture


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From Ancient Greek μέσος (mesos). Compare with xeric and hydric.

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From mes(on) +‎ -ic.


  • One even finds small remnants of boreal pine forests, old growth forest, and mesic forest tucked away in Durango's high sierra region.

    Wildflower hunting in Durango

  • Mexican mesic forest survives as one of the world's rarest and most endangered vegetation types.

    Wildflower hunting in Durango

  • The soil temperature regimes are mesic and thermic inland, mesic on the rolling hills between the Santa Rosa plain and the Pacific Ocean, and isomesic along the coast.

    Coastal Hills - Santa Rosa Plain

  • It is distinct from the Appalachian oak forest that dominated the mesic uplands of Ecoregion 84d, and the northern cordgrass prairie that occurs along tidal channels in Ecoregion 84c.

    Ecoregions of New Jersey (EPA)

  • •Most soils are dominated by quartz sand, and are acidic, xeric, and have a very limited nutrient supply; they are coarser, drier, less fertile, and less suited to agriculture than the mesic soils of Ecoregion 84d.

    Ecoregions of New Jersey (EPA)

  • Soils have frigid or cryic temperature regimes, in contrast to the mesic temperature regime of soils in Ecoregion 4a.

    Ecoregions of Oregon (EPA)

  • Cryic soils support mixed coniferous forests dominated by mountain hemlock, lodgepole pine, and Pacific silver fir; they are colder than the mesic and frigid soils of the Southern Cascades (4f).

    Ecoregions of Oregon (EPA)

  • •Mixed oak forests and beech-oak forests are native to the mesic uplands of the Inner Coastal Plain (84d); sugar maple and red oak trees are rare or absent in these forests, but are common in the mesic upland forests of Ecoregions 58, 64, and 67.

    Ecoregions of New Jersey (EPA)

  • •Kuchler potential natural vegetation is northern cordgrass prairie; it is distinct from the northeastern oak-pine forest of xeric, fire-prone uplands in the Outer Coastal Plain of Ecoregion 84b, and the Appalachian oak forest of mesic uplands in the Inner Coastal Plain (84d).

    Ecoregions of New Jersey (EPA)

  • Alfisols, Entisols, Inceptisols, Mollisols, Ultisols and Vertisols in combination with isomesic, mesic or thermic soil temperature regimes and xeric, udic, ustic or aquic soil moisture regimes.

    Central California Coast (Bailey)


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  • I savor the insult that’s sly,

    That risks slipping unnoticed by,

    But humor that’s ethnic

    Is rather too mesic.

    Martinis and jokes I like dry.

    February 27, 2018