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  • perhaps one of our neighbours realised a short time ago that their grey cat had become lighter in colour and turned female and was now called miao on the name tag... and put our cat outside for the cat swap to commence?


  • Update: Elias sez, "This is from the DRAE (Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy), where you can see that the sound of the cat in Spanish is not 'miao' but 'miau'."

    Boing Boing: May 14, 2006 - May 20, 2006 Archives

  • “Hua you san shuo, qiao shuo wei miao” pronounced hwah yoe sahn shwaw, chee-yow shwaw way mee-yow means There are three ways to speak something.

    Divine Transformation

  • Hua you san shuo, qiao shuo wei miao there are three ways to speak something; the proper way is profound, 161

    Divine Transformation

  • “Shen xing ju miao” pronounced shun shing jü mee-yow means Xing Gong and Ming Gong Xiu Lian have been accomplished.

    Tao II

  • “Ao miao wu qiong” pronounced ow mee-yow woo chyawng means profound and mysterious without ending.

    Tao II

  • “Shang cheng miao Dao” means the highest and most profound Tao.

    Tao II

  • “Shen zai miao zai” pronounced shun dzye mee-yow dzye means miraculous and profound.

    Tao II

  • This absolute truth is shang cheng miao Dao, the highest, most profound, and best Tao.

    Tao II

  • “Xiu miao ming xin” pronounced sheo mee-yow ming sheen means purify and enlighten your heart.

    Tao II


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  • "Miao" is the Italian onomatopeia for meow, the sound of the cat. The verb is miagolare.

    February 10, 2008