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  • Small: microcircuit.
  • Abnormally small: microcephaly.
  • Requiring or involving microscopy: microsurgery.
  • One-millionth (10-6): microampere.

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  • Very small.
  • One millionth.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Small, little, trivial, slight.
  • A millionth part of.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. In entomology, any small insect.
  • n. An element of Greek origin, meaning ‘small, little’; specifically, in physics, a prefix indicating a unit one millionth part of the unit it is prefixed to: as, Microfarad, microhm, etc.; in lithology, indicating that the structure designated is microscopic in character, or that it is so minutely developed as not to be recognized without the help of the microscope, e. g. microgranitic, micropegmatitic, microgranulitic. See these words.

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  • adj. extremely small in scale or scope or capability


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Greek mīkro-, from mīkros, small.

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From Ancient Greek μικρός (mikros, "small").


  • There has always been varying levels of stress in the world on both the micro- and macro- scales, but I would venture to say that it may be occurring at several notches above the usual what has been historically known.

    Mitchell J. Rabin: Socially-Conscious Stress Management

  • The Numbers Guy Blog Radiation Numbers in Damaged Japan Plant Becquerels, grays and sieverts all are internationally accepted units that quantify different aspects of radiation, while micro- and nano- are prefixes denoting one-millionth and one-billionth, respectively.

    Radiation Math: How Do We Count the Rays?

  • However, Member States would be required to take into account micro- and macroeconomic circumstances in their own markets.

    Letter From Barnier, Rehn to U.K. Chancellor Osborne

  • "What we are doing is we are pushing for financial inclusion in order to formalize the informal" financial sector, said Budi Sadikin , managing director of the bank's micro- and retail-banking businesses.

    Indonesia's Bank Mandiri Sees Growth in Small Loans

  • While most of the early passive LCD 3D TV announcements have been for sets that use edge LED backlights, LG's Nano technology employs a film with nano- micro- size dots across the entire LCD panel in front of a full-array LED backlight.

    LG: All 3D LCD TVs to use 'passive' technology this year; plasmas stay 'active'

  • "Adjustment of the policy rate is something of a blunt instrument and ineffective for achieving financial stability, hence financial imbalances are better handled using micro- and macro-prudential instruments, such as capital and liquidity requirements," he said.

    BOK to Retain Accommodative Policy Stance

  • For the United States, therefore, the Clausewitzian challenge—how to make force serve politics—has actually played out on two levels simultaneously, with policymakers needing to ensure the micro- and macronarratives fit together.

    How Wars end

  • Many animals display micro- or simple acculturation when culture is defined as any “behavior that is socially taught, rather than instinctive” Scott, Foresman Advanced Dictionary, 1993.

    The Source

  • Just as micro- and macroevolution reflect differences between small and large changes in physical attributes, so micro-and macro-acculturation (the acquisition of culture) would reflect similar differences between simple (small) and complex (large) cultural behavior changes.

    The Source

  • Trend analysis refers to research focusing on forecasts of micro- and macro-changes.



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