microcircuitry love


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  • n. Any system constructed of microcircuits


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  • In Straylight, the hull's inner surface is overgrown with a desperate proliferation of structures, forms flowing, interlocking, rising toward a solid core of microcircuitry, our clan's corporate heart, a cylinder of silicon wormholed with narrow maintenance tunnels, some no wider than a man's hand.

    Wonder Woman and the Lasso of Truth

  • Another idea is that the genes involved in schizophrenia influence synaptic plasticity and the development and stabilization of neuronal microcircuitry in the brain.

    Dan Agin: More Than Genes IV: Epigenetics, the Womb, and Mental Illness

  • So we were essentially mapping the microcircuitry of the brain: which cells are communicating with which cells, with which chemicals, and then in what quantities of those chemicals?

    Jill Bolte Taylor's stroke of insight

  • And would Mr. Dewhurst really know what teleportation microcircuitry looks like?

    Week 41: Look to the Goblet, Ralph

  • The craft would be mostly a 1 km diameter mesh sail covered with microcircuitry, weighing only a few grams.

    Acting on Impulse

  • Like the microcircuitry that operated automatic doors and the faint, characteristic hum of air conditioning, it hovered momentarily within touching distance of his mind, then retreated again into the cloudy memory of white pain.


  • The panel beneath the communications board had been pulled away, and she gazed up uncertainly into a maze of microcircuitry.


  • Despite dehumidifiers, water vapor can seep into microcircuitry and thousands of miles of electric cable, causing shortouts.

    A King of Infinite Space

  • His left eyelid wrinkles above the monocle; the light reflects microcircuitry within the glass oval.

    A King of Infinite Space

  • Company I used to work for patented some of that microcircuitry.



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