micrometeoroid love


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  • n. A very small, often dust-sized meteoroid.

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  • n. an extraterrestrial particle less than a millimeter in size

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  • n. a meteorite or meteoroid so small that it drifts down to earth without becoming intensely heated in the atmosphere


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  • It looked as if it was made of frozen rock, the nowmatte plating pitted with micrometeoroid impacts.

    Star Trek The Next Generation®

  • I mean completely authentic Mark III H-1s with single axis rolling convolute waist joints, and vintage Skylab A7Ls with micrometeoroid cover layers.

    Spacing Out A Bit: Chicago And The Shuttle

  • Among other maintenance tasks, they were there to investigatedamagetoan external handrail ofthe ISS that may have been caused by a micrometeoroid.

    Cosmic Projectiles

  • Time permitting, they will also inspect a chip on a handrail which may have been caused by a micrometeoroid.

    Astronauts go for a Long Walk

  • ‘Leonardo’ will be permanently attached on the current last flight, STS 133, after beefing up the outside to provide extra micrometeoroid debris protection for the module.

    What Would NASA Do with an Added Shuttle Flight? | Universe Today

  • The astronauts have removed and repositioned external brackets, handrails, micrometeoroid shields, computer and electrical connections.

    Tranquility Module Formally Handed over to NASA from ESA | Universe Today

  • NASA also understands more about the hazards of micrometeoroid and orbital debris, and how to process the numbers, Shannon said.

    Hubble shuttle flight faces higher space junk risk

  • And the reason they picked this distance is it's a safe distance away, but it's also close enough that if in that late inspection they find that they got dinged by a micrometeoroid or something which pierces the heat shield, and they've got trouble, they can get back to the space station and stay there for a while if need be and wait for a rescue mission.

    CNN Transcript Jun 19, 2007

  • That leads them on to another task, they're going to get involved in putting some micrometeoroid deflectors on the Russian side of the space station, just a little bit.

    CNN Transcript Dec 16, 2006

  • "Next week the SSRMS (Space Station Remote Manipulator System) will be used for an outside inspection of what appears to be a "dent" in the Lab module's exterior surface, specifically in the MM/OD (micrometeoroid/orbital debris) shielding surrounding the pressure shell."

    NASA Watch: ISS News: November 2004 Archives


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  • Hmmmm, double diminuitive.

    April 29, 2009

  • "Recent near misses between orbital debris and the space shuttle on its mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope only serve to highlight the problem. In fact, NASA’s Steve Stich believes the risk of a micrometeoroid or orbital debris (MMOD) hit is the greatest risk to the shuttle program. According to the Hypervelocity Impact Database obtained by Wired Science, in the 54 missions from STS-50 through STS-114, space junk and meteoroids hit shuttle windows 1,634 times, which required 92 window replacements, while the shuttle's radiator was hit 317 times, punching holes in the radiator's facesheet 53 times."

    - Darren Quick, Space sail to take out the trash, www.gizmag.com, 27 April 2009.

    April 29, 2009