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  • n. The structure of an organism or object as revealed through microscopic examination.

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  • n. The fine structure of a material or tissue as revealed by microscopy.
  • n. The fine structure of a pure metal or alloy, as revealed by magnifications of 25X or greater.
  • n. Fine-scale structure in such variables as temperature, salinity, velocity, etc.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Microscopic structure.
  • n. Applied especially to metals and alloys, the study of the microstructure of which is now a very important department of engineering.


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micro- +‎ structure


  • The crystalline structure, or microstructure, is the result of tiny groups of atoms that take on different sizes depending on how the atoms within each group are packed together.

    Memory Metals with Could Fix Dents | Impact Lab

  • "We molded it into some kind of microstructure to incorporate some air pockets," Bao said in a telephone interview.

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  • The researchers, led by Frédéric Debeaufort from the University of Burgundy, investigated how factors such as microstructure, composition, surface properties and the different interactions affect the release of flavour from iota-carrageenan microcapsules. edible films were formulated with anhydrous glycerol (Fluka Chemical) as the plasticizer, a fat (GBS, Danisco Bradbrand) to act as the carrier of the flavour compound (n-hexanal), and glycerol monostearate (GMS, Prolabo Merck eurolab) as the emulsifier.

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  • Matching the "microstructure" of the new ice cream to the pre-frozen variety will be the greatest challenge.

    Scientific American

  • "microstructure" memorandum of understanding for the sharing of a or "intra day" the search returns between three trading platform and the demutualization of regional and six papers, a few of those papers being simply exchanges. 2 Currently the number of stocks listed opinion pieces or commentaries.

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  • Moreover, we found that amylopectin in the mortar acted as an inhibitor: The growth of the calcium carbonate crystal was controlled, and a compact microstructure was produced, which should be the cause of the good performance of this kind of organic-organic mortar.

    The Secret of the Strength of the Great Wall of China Lies in Sticky Rice Mortar | Impact Lab

  • Part of what helps the TBCs do their job is their microstructure.

    Why Can’t Planes Fly Near Volcanic Ash? A (Very) Brief Look At Engine Failure | Impact Lab

  • Over time, these embedded particles fill in the pores of the TBC, and they remain in the microstructure as the engine gets hot and cold over and over again.

    Why Can’t Planes Fly Near Volcanic Ash? A (Very) Brief Look At Engine Failure | Impact Lab

  • Since thermal systems are understood in terms of their microscopic constituents, Stephen's discovery immediately raised the question, "What is the microstructure of a black hole, and of spacetime itself?"

    Stephen Hawking at 70: still the brightest star in the scientific universe

  • Its fabrication is based on a production line known as continuous annealing, where the steel is put through successive hot and cold treatments, modifying its microstructure, and thus its malleability and toughness.

    New Steel Rolled Out for Cars


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