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  • n. Obsolete spelling of mimicry.


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  • It was supremely accomplished as a technical performance, as a piece of inspired mimickry, and as a séance summoning up a sympathetically refashioned ghost of someone who is not, in fact, dead.

    Bafta missed their chance to break The Artist's silence

  • Scott Walker's plans for reining in public-sector unions, equate him with Hosni Mubarak and Adolf Hitler, in disgusting mimickry of some Tea Party members' inflammatory linkage between Obama and the evil dictators of history.

    Tyranny in Wisconsin, Part 4

  • He had a knack for languages and mimickry, which he practiced by drawing from the extensive movie library Hunter had supplied.


  • We saw each other, and in the back of the head, there must be a little bit of mimickry.

    Buzzine » Stephen Daldry & David Kross

  • It usually occurs because of “molecular mimickry,” which is where the body confuses some of its own tissue with a foreign invader.

    The UltraMind Solution

  • We may not be so surprised to see such mimickry of blacks in 1909, but I think that when compared to these pictures of college students at race-themed parties in 2007, it might make for some interesting discussion of humor, mimickry, racism, and the notion of progress… especially as Halloween approaches.

    COMPARING RACIAL MIMICKRY IN 1909 AND 2007 » Sociological Images

  • I do think this sort of behavior would spread easily by mimickry.

    Structuration, Synthetic Worlds-Style: LOTRO and Emotes

  • Secondly, it would be nothing fundamentally different from our making cubes as good as the cubes sometimes found as “natural crystals”–it would just be much better mimickry than we are now capable of effecting.

    To explain ID, *don't* look up the homologies - The Panda's Thumb

  • This apartment was a sort of a parlour that fronted the kitchen, with a window towards the yard, where after they had sat some time, the lieutenant found means to amuse the landlord in discourse, while Peregrine, stepping out into the yard, by the talent of mimickry, which he possessed in a surprising degree, counterfeited a dialogue between the curate and

    The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle

  • I have seen Garrick exhibit her, by his exquisite talent of mimickry, so as to excite the heartiest bursts of laughter; but he, probably, as is the case in all such representations, considerably aggravated the picture.

    The Life of Samuel Johnson LL.D.


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