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  • v. Present participle of unhappen.
  • n. A happening that fails to occur; a nonevent.


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  • And that means that we are adding in "negative probabilities" into that bubbling structure (say, a container of water, in each water molecule structure) so that the entire bubble structure for the water molecule starts "backing back down" its ongoing creation chain -- in short, it starts "unhappening" at its "highest positive energy end".

  • We presently have at least five operating processes that (inadvertently) are using this negative energy process to directly do "unhappening" in physics of actual ongoing observable phenomena.

  • Hence statistically the water molecules in the tickled area start "falling apart" as their OH bonds now have much less probability, and so they just start "unhappening" statistically as their OH bonds start vanishing statistically.

  • "unhappening" the entire set or selected parts of it.

  • The thing that most got to me and made me realise that today is probably a day best unhappening, was a picture of a place in Lake Charles.

    Even in a little thing

  • Good Friday is more appropriately named in Swedish Långfredag - Long Friday, the most unhappening day of the calendar.

    The Local - Sweden's news in English

  • If we just use a gross pattern of tickling, we get "overall" unhappening, so the last and highest positive energy thing that made the water molecule possible -- i.e., the OH bond positive probability -- now has much-reduced overall probability.

  • So, in an effort to combat something that no one can prove is actually happening, and may in fact, be unhappening, President Obama has included hidden taxes of epic proportions in his

    News for Richmond Times-Dispatch


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