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  • n. the quality of being huge; immensity or enormity

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The state of being huge; enormous bulk or largeness: as, the hugeness of a mountain, or of an elephant.


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  • The Tea baggers can beat their chests and crow all they want about the "hugeness" of their movement's big victory, as Paul boasted last night, but all it portends for the party in November's midterm elections is Republican-on-Republican bloodletting.

    Andy Ostroy: To Know What Rand Paul's Victory Means, Look to Pennsylvania 12

  • It took time for me to absorb the hugeness of what we had built.

    Fallin’ Up

  • They call to mind what historian Henry Adams said in the mid-1800s: '' There are grave doubts at the hugeness of the land and whether one government can comprehend the whole. ''

    Sunday Reading

  • The sense of wonder of the hugeness of events will not appeal to your average non-SF-ian.

    What SF would you recommend to a non-reader?

  • This is a guy who, for more than 20 years, has been a performer that has brushed hugeness, but never quite attained it.

    The Mormons Know Jack? «

  • Small measures, whistling in the dark, when it comes to the hugeness of disaster.

    Luanne Rice: No Japan is an Island

  • As Edgar Kiser, of the University of Washington, and Danielle Kane, then of the University of Pennsylvania, say in a 2007 paper, that hugeness motivated Roman governments to turn to privatized tax collection in the first place.

    The New Tax Man From Ancient Rome

  • I desperately want my life to reflect the hugeness of our God.

    Getting Real

  • I'm not exactly ashamed of this, but neither do I want someone beholding its hugeness every day, straining his philosophical faculties to make sense of his own minuteness compared to it.

    Larissa Archer: On Not Marrying

  • What I actually know about God might, on a good day, fit on a quarter of the head of a pin compared to the fullness of God's true hugeness.

    Cathleen Falsani: Thrift Store Saints: Tales of a Second-Hand Savior


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