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  • Sourced from the Yorkshire Evening Post again; depressingly the journalist still sees fit to misgender Ms Browne at every turn – and this fact is made more apparent when you realise that none of the quotes from the trial do so (for once).

    Robyn Browne murder trial: “Celebrity clients spared court appearance”

  • I used to think that straight men particularly tended to misgender me if they were losing an argument; now I've seen them do it to trans men too.

    Life and style |

  • No matter how supportive of your transition they claim to be, and how much well-intentioned advice they give you about your new hairstyle, or the name you always used in your head but only just told them about, they misgender you every other time they open their mouths, and get quite upset if you call them on it.

    Life and style |

  • When these folk intentionally misgender trans people, and use anti-transgender pejoratives, and identify trans people as "dangerous," then they engage in hate speech.

    Pam's House Blend - Front Page

  • Even if you intentionally misgender them, they are still gay, so it really is a pretty serious part of the whole thing.

    The Bilerico Project

  • When trans women are afraid to analyze or discuss the role of male privilege in their life because of the way accusations of male privilege have been used as weapons to silence, shame, and misgender trans women, that's transmisogyny.

    The Bilerico Project

  • (In passing, it should be noted that – as is so often the case – the journalist consistently appears to misgender her subjects with the offhand presumption which is a hallmark of so many cis writers.

    Be Like Others

  • Unfortunately, the mass media generally seems inclined to misgender trans people as a matter of course and for the flimsiest of reasons – “to go along with AP style on this would mean ignoring the facts of a murder case in favor of political correctness “???

    Human rights violations in U.S. jail

  • I’d have thought that anything that helps (in no matter how small a way) to start changing the entrenched cissexist and trans-misogynistic attitudes that tell cis people it’s acceptable to misgender anyone who doesn’t fit neatly into the gender binary, should be encouraged.

    Is it political-correctness-gone-mad week?


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