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  • prep. Mathematics With respect to a specified modulus: 18 is congruent to 42 modulo 12 because both 18 and 42 leave 6 as a remainder when divided by 12.
  • prep. Correcting or adjusting for something, as by leaving something out of account: This proposal is the best so far, modulo the fact that parts of it need modification.

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  • prep. Given a specified modulus of.
  • prep. : (colloquial) Except for differences accounted for by.
  • prep. : (extended use) With due allowance for (a specified exception or particular detail).
  • n. the operation or function that returns the remainder of one number divided by another


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Latin modulō, ablative of modulus, diminutive of modus, measure; see mode.

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From Latin modulō, ablative of modulus ("a measure").


  • (ETN is in modulo 2, PP in modulo 1 ..... but you can walk between the two easily.)

    Guad to San Miguel bus frequency and routes

  • For some reason though, I thought they were in modulo 1, but now that I think about it I could easily be confusing bus stations in central Mexico.

    Fly-Drive Guad too Morelia Alternatives?

  • You should also learn about divisibility tests and the 'modulo' notation and its applications (for programmers, 10\%5 = = 0 is also referred to as 10 modulo 5 is 0, that is, the remainder when 10 is divided by 5, is zero).

    LearnHub Activities

  • (You know, from fourth grade, when you'd do 11/3 and get "3 remainder 2" - the 'modulo' operation just gives you the 2.)

  • I do know that coming from the south, one needs to first drive downtown near the taxi stands and then drive up (against traffic!) to the Immigration and Aduana modulo.

    fm3 exit stamp at border..

  • Hey! supermercato crai torino agreement conveyance forbearance hawaii manual does birth order effect personality GUASTI AL SISTEMA ICS ALFA 166 vacanze silvi marina cozzolino giuseppe via nazionale napoli modulo nomina medico competente sala registrazione milano unipi fisica villa napoleon preganziol

    Election Central Sunday Roundup

  • Each digit, from left to right, is alternately multiplied by 1 or 3, then those products are summed modulo 10 to give a value ranging from 0 to 9.

    International Standard Book Number (ISBN) : Unique Code for Publishers, Libraries and Book Stores

  • The full strength of the theory can then be appreciated by considering that its models are closed under each of these functors, modulo the satisfiability of the relevant conditions.

    Wild Dreams Of Reality, 3

  • It corresponds to the classical systems of Leśniewski and of Leonard and Goodman, modulo the underlying logic and choice of primitives.

    Wild Dreams Of Reality, 3

  • This leads to seeing the complex numbers as a system of polynomials in x modulo x2+1.

    Mathematical Style


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