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  • n. One who performs circumcision on a Jewish male as a religious rite.

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  • n. The person who performs the circumcision in a Jewish bris

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  • n. A circumciser; the officiating rabbi who is specially qualified to perform the operation of circumcision.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Mishnaic Hebrew môhēl, active participle of māhal, to circumcise, from Aramaic məhal; akin to Biblical Hebrew māl.

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Hebrew, possibly via Yiddish


  • And all the family and many close friends were there to witness it: grandparents on both sides, relatives, friends -- everyone was there to watch the rabbi, a certified surgeon, called the mohel, perform the cut, the holy cut, while saying prayers in a ritual tracing back five millennia to that day Abraham made his covenant with the one and only God.

    Lanny Davis: Love of A Grandchild, the Pain of the Bris

  • A mohel is the person who performs ritual circumcisions, and Spielberg meant that Joan Crawford had done this for him—symbolically, of course.

    Not the Girl Next Door

  • This is done by a special rabbi, called a mohel (pronounced moyel) and is done in a ceremony, usually in the home, with lots of relatives, and is vaguely analogous to a christening.

    Printing: Only in New York; These Circumcisions REALLY Suck

  • This is an Orthodox Jewish ritual whereby, after the circumcision of the infant, the wound is then cleaned via a sucking motion as applied by the mouth of the practitioner (called a mohel (please no puns, like mohelester ...)) on the infant's genitals.

    Archive 2005-08-01

  • In addition, he said, circumcision of Jewish children is often performed by a religious specialist known as a mohel, who might arguably not be included among the "healing arts practitioners" covered by the state law on medical procedures.

  • In the traditional Jewish community, a mohel is a person trained to perform circumcisions. - News

  • ` Circumcision ', pp. 95 sqq.), though it seems that the mohel was usually a surgeon rather than a priest.

    The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary

  • I don't know about Seaton, but I'd be wondering how the hell I ended up with Lorena Bobbitt as a mohel.

    Todd Hartley: I'm With Stupid: Go Ahead, He Probably Won't Even Know It's Gone

  • It is mandatory in Judaism, and in Jewish families the circumcision – known as the brith milah – is usually conducted by a mohel.

    Circumcising children

  • I introduced her to every logical candidate I could find -- a cantor from Kansas, a lawyer from Louisiana, a mohel from Miami.

    Mark C. Miller: The Continuing Adventures of Shlomo Rabinowitz, Jewish Private Eye and Dating Specialist


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  • See bris and brisket. Also RabbiT.

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