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  • n. A metal structure, such as an aircraft, in which the skin absorbs all or most of the stresses to which the body is subjected.

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  • n. A structure design in which the frame and body are built as a single integrated structure.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

French : mono-, mono- + coque, shell (from Old French, from Latin coccum, berry, from Greek kokkos).

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First attested in 1914: from the French monocoque.


  • "We can build a lighter frame if we stress the plywood in monocoque construction."

    The Backside of War

  • This is a $5500 frame, custom made carbon monocoque, which is French for "single chicken".

    So What Now? Coaching and the End of Summer

  • This exhibition explores the enduring architectural question of the relationship of surface to structure, a problem the investigation views through the lenses of both architectural and automotive design, focusing on the spectrum of systems defined as monocoque, semi-monocoque and superleggera.

    Media Newswire

  • To put things into perspective, OObject's list illustrates 15 different structures described as monocoque-from aircraft to soda ...

    Megite Technology News: What's Happening Right Now

  • All this talk of cockpits, I'm surprised you didn't go straight for "monocoque" to describe the tape wrapped stem.

    What Happens When You Consume: Asses For You and Me

  • CommieCanuk monocoque which is French for "single chicken"

    So What Now? Coaching and the End of Summer

  • Behind them the fuselage was a "monocoque" of three-ply wood bolted onto the armour.

    The Aeroplane Speaks

  • • K2 All Terrain Wheelchair - at the heart of every modern racing car is an incredibly strong carbon fibre shell known as the 'monocoque'.


  • At the Paris Aero Salon held early in that year there was a notable variety of ideas on the subject; whereas by the time of the one held in October designs had considerably settled down, more than one exhibitor showing what were called 'monocoque' fuselages completely circular in shape and having very low resistance, while the same show saw the introduction of rotating cowls over the propeller bosses, or 'spinners,' as they came to be called during the War.

    A History of Aeronautics

  • 1912-13, M. Bleriot produced a quite promising experimental biplane, and a "monocoque" monoplane in which the passenger faced rearward.

    The Aeroplane Speaks Fifth Edition


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  • "Did you know when applying to register a rebuilt Mini one must declare whether one's fucking chassis or monocoque body has been replaced or modified in any way?"

    The Chemistry of Tears by Peter Carey, p 85 of the Knopf hardcover edition

    June 5, 2012

  • "All of the fragile bits like electronics, battery pack and even the gas tank reside neatly inside the aircraft seamless, patent pending monocoque spar. - Ad for Pi X Electrobike, Dec 2007.

    December 7, 2007