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  • adj. Of or relating to a single molecule.
  • adj. Of or consisting of a layer one molecule thick.

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  • adj. involving a single molecule
  • adj. consisting of a single layer of molecules

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Consisting of or involving a single molecule: in chem., of a substance, having its simplest molecular composition in contradistinction from polymeric derivatives formed by the union of two, three, or more of the simplest molecules. Thus, formic aldehyde (CH2O) may be spoken of as monomolecular, and metaformaldehyde (C3H6O3) as its trimolecular derivative, 3CH2O.


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  • Having published my first story in 1977, I've had this bizarre, undefinable gig for thirty years now, but have always tried to stay fresh and remain at the monomolecular edge of the field.

    MIND MELD: Today's SF Authors Define Science Fiction (Part 1)

  • In that configuration the projected force field gives the blade a monomolecular cutting edge.

    The Overload Protocol

  • He discovered monomolecular films with specific molecular orientation at surfaces and promoted understanding of plasmas, heat transfer, and thermionic phenomena, and invented a high-vacuum electron tube and gas-filled incandescent lamp.

    Langmuir, Irving

  • He watched the droid hesitate and then lose its head as the monomolecular wire flashed through its neck and over the space where his own head had been a split second before.

    Archive 2006-12-01

  • The colony extruded carbon/carbon and carbon/silicon junctions; it grew monomolecular whiskers to join these junctions together, bootstrapping itself up the ladder of complexity; from these junctions it generated light-sensitive dots — eyes — and the capacity to generate and process microbursts of radio-frequency noise.


  • There was a momentary mosquito-whine, and sparkles of color sleeted across his desk readout as the monomolecular scanner kicked in.

    Rihannsu: The Bloodwing Voyages

  • B/ade fashioned from an unbreakable strand of monomolecular wire.

    Delta Search

  • According to this theory the layer of gas adsorbed is limited - in ideal border-line cases at least - to an extremely thin film of gas molecules extending over a single plane, thus a film whose thickness is that of a single molecule or, in other words, is monomolecular.

    Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1932 - Presentation Speech

  • I see in it a monomolecular film of hydrated bioleate.

    Jean Baptiste Perrin - Nobel Lecture

  • Somehow, he thought -- striving for a toehold on sanity -- the forces called magical must be extracting oxygen from the water for him and forcing it into a thin protective layer, perhaps monomolecular, on his face.

    Three Hearts and Three Lions


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