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  • n. The state or condition of being murderous.

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  • n. a bloodthirsty hatred arousing murderous impulses
  • n. cruelty evidence by a capability to commit murder


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murderous +‎ -ness


  • I gave her lines and a catchphrase and a backstory all her own: Insane, murderess-cum-motivational speaker gives roadside speeches after the Springfield Home of the Criminally Insane releases her for having a preexisting condition - "murderousness" - that won't be covered under the new health care plan passed in Washington.


  • Judas is a dark journey through the murderousness of Christian Anti-Semitism, culminating in the mass slaughter of more than a and their associated European butchers.

    Judas by Susan Gubar: Book summary

  • Such parallels are plausible only if you ignore Che's own murderous violence and the murderousness of the ideology he espoused.

    The Lost Century

  • Another kind of family murderousness is on display here in Bellocchio's new film: an account of the dismal life of Ida Dalser, Mussolini's lover, mother of his child, and – according to some sources – his first wife.


  • Motherliness and murderousness have melted together.

    'Winter's Bone:' A Miraculous Film From The Ozarks

  • What binds all of these is not callousness to human frailty but an intensity of life that may live despite the possibilities of loneliness, thievery, murderousness, lies, slavery, abuse, and strife that forever threaten to drown us all as it did in the time of Noah.

    The Ten Commandments

  • Furthermore, and more to the point, we have a long history of ignorance about, or indifference to, that murderousness.

    Jonathan Weiler: According to Peretz, Americans Must Think Life Is Cheap

  • ´´ The author continues, ´´it is difficult to escape the conclusion that Colombias history is one of the most violent in the hemisphere, with organized killing existing at chronically high levels, punctuated with episodes of high intensity murderousness, for nearly two centuries.

    Sasha Cagen: Reconciling the Sweetness of the Colombian People with Their Violent History

  • Grotesquely ironic, those fleeing the murderousness of the Taliban, the husbands, fathers, heads of households gathering for handouts at "charity" distribution points seeking food and medicine to feed and tender to their displaced and desperate families are first obligated to turn themselves into a captive audience to listen attentively to the ministrations of the "charity's" spokesmen as they exhort each man to Jihad and the strict adherence to Sharia law.

    Raymond J. Learsy: The Subjugation of Islamic Women and the Price of Oil

  • With rapacious pirates attacking ships daily, the Taliban executing eloping young couples, and the ongoing murderousness in narco-Mexico, it's beyond irony that Hollywood sees more drama and danger in Blackwater, the economics of newspapers, and returning combat veterans.

    Michael Jones: State of Play


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