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  • n. Any of various sturdy cotton fabrics of plain weave, used especially for sheets.

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  • n. Any of several varieties of thin cotton cloth.
  • n. Fabric made of cotton, flax (linen), hemp, or silk, finely or coarsely woven.
  • n. A term used for a wide variety of tightly-woven thin fabrics, especially those used for bedlinen. (US) Woven cotton or linen fabrics, especially when used for items other than garments.
  • n. A dressmaker's pattern made from inexpensive cloth for fitting.

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  • n. A thin cotton, white, dyed, or printed. The name is also applied to coarser and heavier cotton goods. In sheeting, muslin is not as finely woven as percale.

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  • n. Cotton cloth of different kinds finely made and finished for wearing-apparel, the term being used variously at different times and places.
  • n. A material somewhat stouter than India muslin, used for women's dresses, plain or printed with colored patterns, or having a slight dotted pattern woven in the stuff. Also jaconet and organdie, according to its fineness.
  • n. In some parts of the United States, cotton cloth used for shirts, other articles of wearing-apparel, bedding, etc.
  • n. One of several different moths: a collectors' name.
  • n. Muslin with figures printed in color on it.
  • Made of muslin: as, a muslin dress.
  • n. A general term for a vessel's Canvas.

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  • n. plain-woven cotton fabric


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

French mousseline, from Italian mussolina, from Mussolo, Mosul, Iraq, from Arabic (al-)Mawṣil, from mawṣil, place of joining, from waṣala, to join; see wṣl in Semitic roots.

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From French mousseline, from Italian mussolina, from Mussolo ("Mosul"), that is Mosul in northern Iraq (compare 1875 Knight, Edward H., Knight's American Mechanical Dictionary, V2 p1502: "Muslins are so called from Moussol in India.")


  • This slip is 100 percent cotton, thin muslin, and is surprisingly not hot.

    Home Living

  • She had taken the lace and muslin from the basket, possibly to settle her nerves and wits, and was sewing upon it.

    Chapter XVIII

  • To the 3x size sewer: take the pattern I recommended here and make it in muslin, m 90 "or 50" wide piece, double, and if it works you know the pattern fits.

    Alfred Augustus Glendening 1861-1903

  • A scarf of thin muslin or a silk veil wound round the crown of a sun-helmet or hat and falling down behind as a shade.

    SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 1156

  • Michael C criticizes that a lot of the others are still working in muslin and have nothing for their model to try on, but of course he's well on his way to a finished look, albeit it is a ball gown that has a train which dusts the floor very nicely.

    Holly Cara Price: Rubbernecking: Project Runway, Episode 9 "Race to the Finish"

  • I tied it in muslin and let it drain for about an hr.

    Archive 2006-04-01

  • To make things easier, I have an idea of wearing a basic and plain muslin A-line dress, or skirt-blouse combination -- or any non-iron, loosely flowing garment that does not cling or pinch, making movement easier in the myriad of tasks that must be done.

    Clothing Distinction

  • The fabric shop she gets the plain muslin from is on Mesones two doors from Bonanza -- Yulma, she thinks the store's name is.

    A Great (Sewing) Notion

  • Just before he finished, he covered her polished nakedness in muslin and lace, cutting and sewing the sleeves and the hem and the ruffs.

    vignette: giapetto's daughter

  • Ieven wrote to Jennifer Rose and told her that I had come around to her view, the thin muslin colorful pedal pusher length pants that are highly acceptable here are just as cool and comfy.

    SMA weather


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  • Jeopardy taught me last night that muslin is named for Mosul, Iraq. (Backed up by the wiki.)

    January 28, 2009

  • Beautifully remembered here.

    January 20, 2009