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  • n. A Russian peasant.

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  • n. Alternative spelling of mujik.

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  • n. A Russian peasant. Also written mujik, moujik.

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  • n. a Russian peasant (especially prior to 1917)


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Russian, from muzh, man; see man-1 in Indo-European roots.


  • A muzhik is a Russian peasant; the word occurs often in the stories of Isaac Babel, which Carver greatly admired.

    Raymond Carver

  • The muzhik is a very matter-of-fact practical person, totally incapable of understanding what


  • Some found it strange that this muzhik from the Urals, this construction foreman, would be the one to bring democracy to Russia.

    The Return

  • Writers of this era [...] described the native as a robust youth with "gentile" characteristics, a kind of Jewish muzhik, or Russian peasant -- strapping, self-confident, and strong-spirited, as opposed to the stereotypical Diaspora Jew, who was pale, servile, and cowardly.

    David Shasha: What Israel Means to Me

  • - Vladi­mir Putin heralding Leonardo DiCaprio as a nastoyachshi muzhik for daring to fly on to the Tiger Summit in St. Petersburg this week after his first flight got turned back to NYC when an engine blew out and his second, on a private jet, had to land in Finland because of heavy winds.

    Quoted: Vladimir Putin on Leo DiCaprio, a total 'nastoyachshi muzhik'

  • She asks him about his day and strips out of her remaining clothes, ravenously eats cocktail nuts, and calls her husband “my little muzhik.”

    Raymond Carver

  • "He has proved he is a genuine muzhik [a real man]," says Aleksandr Oslon, head of the Public Opinion Foundation, a polling group in Moscow.

    The Man Who Would Be Tsar

  • She remembered palatial estates and obedient muzhik serfs.

    Postcards from Heaven

  • A total muzhik, nonetheless, he was laid-back, rather than suspicious and envious, the traditional landed Russian's characteristics.

    "It is within the power of writers and artists to do much more: to defeat the lie!"

  • In order to learn the secret of the inward peace of the muzhik, he began to copy his outward dress.

    FORGE OF EMPIRES 1861-1871


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  • "Even the exploited peasants of the ancien regime wrested substantial time back from their landlords' work. According to Lafargue, a fourth of the French peasants' calendar was devoted to Sundays and holidays, and Chayanov's figures from villages in Czarist Russia -- hardly a progressive society -- likewise show a fourth or fifth of peasants' days devoted to repose. Controlling for productivity, we are obviously far behind these backward societies. The exploited muzhiks would wonder why any of us are working at all. So should we. "

    - Bob Black, The Abolition of Work, 1985,

    October 24, 2011