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  • n. Any of various small, shrimplike, chiefly marine crustaceans of the order Mysidacea, the females of which carry their eggs in a pouch beneath the thorax. Also called opossum shrimp.

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  • n. Any member of the Mysidae.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

From New Latin Mysis, Mysid-, type genus, from Greek musis, a closing, from mūein, to close the lips or eyes.


  • And on Aug. 2, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that its lab tests had uncovered relatively little difference in toxicity to the inland silverside and crustaceans called mysid shrimp of several different oil-dispersant mixtures compared with oil alone. - latest science and technology news stories

  • None of the dispersants appeared to disrupt the animals 'endocrine activity, according to the results, and EPA issued a statement saying it found "JD-2000 and Corexit 9500 were generally less toxic to small fish and JD-2000 and SAF-RON GOLD were least toxic to mysid shrimp."

    Oil dispersant does not pose environmental threat, early EPA findings suggest

  • Researchers tested the dispersants on mysid shrimp and inland silverside fish.

    Oil dispersant does not pose environmental threat, early EPA findings suggest

  • However, it was middle of the pack in terms of its toxicity to mysid shrimp.

    Spill's Ills Could Be Felt Under The Water

  • They fear life is choked by the clouds and that chemicals in the clouds will poison plankton and sea larvae before making their way into animals higher up the tested eight dispersants on small fish and mysid shrimp, including the one BP is using on the worst oil spill in U.S. history, Corexit 9500, made by Nalco Holding Co.

    Yahoo! News: Top Stories

  • Oil on its own was about as toxic to mysid shrimp as the dispersant-oil mixtures, except for the mixture of oil with Nokomis 3-AA, which was more toxic than oil alone.

    Scientific American

  • Louisiana sweet crude was more toxic to mysid shrimp than the eight dispersants, when tested alone.

    Scientific American

  • The test species were juvenile mysid shrimp and small fish found in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Scientific American

  • Then, the EPA did a second round of toxicity testing on baby mysid shrimp and the inland silverside, a small Gulf fish.

    Christian Science Monitor | All Stories

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  • These were mysid shrimp, which were often used in tests to see whether polluted water was harming marine life. For years, Ciba-Geigy had refused to conduct those mysid tests, preferring instead to test its effluent on a much hardier animal, the sheepshead minnow. (The company's critics would later call the minnow the "cockroach of the sea" for its ability to survive even in highly toxic environments.
    Dan Fagin, Tomes River: A Story of Science and Salvation (New York: Bantam Books, 2014), p. 154.

    February 7, 2016