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  • n. Creation of any myth.


mytho- + -poeia, dated 1951 CE, based on Ancient Greek μυθοποιία (mythopoiía, "I make myth"). (Wiktionary)


  • In Adonais, Shelley having, as Actaeon, transgressed "across the threshold" to be slain by his own "hunter's dart" [297] enacts the kill, which sublates his mythopoeia, raising it as "the One" to its abstract essence.

    Romanticism, Alchemy, and Psychology

  • JRR Tolkien referred to fantasy writing as mythopoeia, the creation of myth for the modern era.

    Archive 2010-04-01

  • Personally, I think responsible fantasy world-building mirrors the pre-modern narrative, favoring the oral traditions and mythopoeia the creation of twentieth century fantasy drew from.

    Core on a Cord

  • John Barth has described Cat Rambo's writings as "works of urban mythopoeia"—her stories take place in a universe where chickens aid the lovelorn, Death is just another face on the train, and a rodent's wooing can affect an entire subterranean city.

    Archive 2007-11-01

  • A direct invitation to a free-for-all race for dispossession, justified on the grounds of the keeper's unworthiness, it recalls other schizophrenic conditions which are mother to, for instance, the far more lethal, dark mythopoeia of

    Wole Soyinka - Nobel Lecture

  • HE has reached a stage of culture where such mythopoeia has become impossible.

    The Invention of a New Religion

  • For mythopoeia is just this, the incarnating the spirit of natural fact; and the generic name of that power is Art. A kind of creation, a clothing of essence in matter, an hypostatising (if you will have it) of an object of intuition within the folds of an object of sense.

    Earthwork out of Tuscany Being Impressions and Translations of Maurice Hewlett

  • However, post-Soviet non-humans are quite different from the hobbits and even the dragons of Tolkien's mythopoeia.

    Eurozine articles

  • But one way of distinguishing mythopoeia from biography is whether or not his other distinguishing traits - such as his compulsive self-criticism (which could sometimes be even more severe than the charges of his detractors) and his desire to compensate for his self-absorption with certain forms of charm and generosity - are factored into the portrayal. novel) is intermittently attentive to the latter but completely oblivious to the former. "

    GreenCine Daily


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