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  • I might just put it up again on a web page ... the nanowrimo is serious fun ... you might decide to try it next year, who knows ...

    First Books

  • Becca Faith (20: 47: 20): argh i LOVED this … nanowrimo is a powerful thing, for sure. there’s a distinctive sense that truly, anything is possible once you break through the imaginary (but surprisingly powerful) barrier of your own mind. congratulations again!!

    my best challenge of 2009 « bindu wiles

  • (This is primarily the reason that the "nanowrimo" concept makes me nervous.

    Jennie Nash: The Making of a Novel: Reaching Toward the Big 5-0 (Pages, That Is)

  • I think the equivalent would be the nanowrimo finisher who KNOWS that their novel is Fabulous and sends it out to agents/editors immediately.

    Martial & Literary arts «

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  • Neat! Thanks, uselessness! Maybe I'll mosey on over. Of course, now I get busy at work....

    November 2, 2007

  • And they're off!!

    For those who are interested, we've begun a collective novel over on Ficlets. I doubt we'll get anywhere near 50,000 words, but writing with others is more fun than going it alone (and some of us have lives that, you know, occupy our time). :-P If you have a Ficlets account, or want to sign up for a free one, feel free to join in the story.

    November 1, 2007

  • Good for you, npydyuan! Just the right attitude, I'd say. Now if I tried it, the inveterate worrier in me would spend a month engaging in self-torture.

    October 18, 2007

  • I'm definitely doing it. It's an excuse to write, really, a way to sidestep the usual routines and subroutines of failing to give yourself permission to screw up and enjoy. The other couple of times I did it, I didn't get anything like a real "novel" at the end, but I did get some mighty stacks of words that I still enjoy reading back through and rearranging and playing with.

    October 18, 2007

  • thanks reesetee! i think i'd feel a sense of accomplishment if i even had a halfway decent paragraph of fiction by november 30, so there's not much to lose.

    October 18, 2007

  • Ah, go for it, kad! Maybe it'll be the next bestseller. You just never know!

    Anyway, I'm not doing it. ;->

    October 18, 2007

  • I'm having pre-wrimo anxiety--trying to decide whether to go for it or not. It seemed like such a good idea back in July, but reality is setting in. Anyone else planning on spending November writing a mediocre novel?

    October 18, 2007

  • Eccentric is putting it mildly. ;-) On the whole, you'd probably rather be you.

    October 9, 2007

  • Interesting, Niederhoffer sounds like a rather eccentric cat. I wish I had some financial smarts like that, but I just program computers and write philosophy books. :-P

    October 9, 2007

  • Doesn't sound boring at all. Good luck with it. :-)

    Thought of you yesterday when I caught a New Yorker article about a guy who used to frequent the rare books company where I once worked. He describes himself as a libertarian, but you'd know more about that than I would. All we knew is that he was the most conspicuous consumer we'd ever seen.

    That sucks about the music, pictures, and essays, by the way. *writes giant note to run a backup SOON*

    October 9, 2007

  • Eh, it's a non-fiction thing about my faith journey and personal philosophy. I ask a lot of questions and complain a little about the state of modern Christianity, and quote the old theologians, and make a case for libertarianism as the only foundation for just society. Pretty boring stuff. ;-)

    Fortunately, I had precious little written and didn't lose much in the crash. It's my music and my pictures and my old college essays that I was most upset about. I've learned to make regular backups from now on, anyway...

    October 9, 2007

  • NO! That's the ultimate disaster, if you ask me. Have you managed to recreate any of it?

    And what's the book about, if you don't mind telling? :-)

    October 9, 2007

  • You know, I have friends who have done this for years, but I've never tried it myself. Though I suspect 50,000 words would make for a month more tortuous than fun. In the meantime, I'm writing a "real" book with no time frame for completion, and it will probably take many many years to finish. Especially since the hard drive it was stored on crashed over the weekend, and I lost what little I already had written. :-(

    October 9, 2007

  • O boy o boy o boy! It's almost November!

    October 9, 2007