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  • n. A political unit consisting of an autonomous state inhabited predominantly by a people sharing a common culture, history, and language.

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  • n. A political entity (a state) associated with a particular cultural entity (a nation) and a sovereign territorial unit.


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  • Despite growing decentralization since the 1990s the idea of nation-state and capitalism as understood in the West has not evolved in India.

    Madhavi Bhasin: Has India Downloaded the 'Killer Apps'?

  • To gauge the depth of white working-class cultural identification with the nation-state, one need not look any further than popular reactions to American military ventures since Pearl Harbor.

    A Renegade History of the United States

  • Thailand is the 19th largest nation-state in the world by population with an estimated 66 million citizens.

    Mark Belinsky: This Can Get Mark Zuckerberg Arrested

  • But in contributing new verses and combing through the various contributions which have been made over the years by other writers, it turns out to have a real Native American feel to it, just the gentleness of it, and the reverence for, not America as nation-state "USA!" but more as "mother country," you know, just the idea of loving America.

    Mike Ragogna: Better Late Than Never: A Conversation With Buffy Sainte-Marie

  • For Huxley there was no turning back from the scientific revolution, in spite of the attendant risks of dehumanization, especially when combined with the characteristic malady of the 19th century nation-state: totalitarianism.

    Jonathan D. Moreno: Brave New World Turns 80

  • The nation-state represents an archaic and ill-fitting answer to multifaceted non-localized issues, brought on by the pressures of globalisation and climate change.

    James Denselow: Understanding the Global Revolution

  • And you really have, you know really, what you have is the last 15 years has really, sort of, caught in the question the whole idea of a nation-state.

    Op-Ed: 15 Bleak Years Since The Million Man March

  • A corollary to the argument that Afghanistan was unconquerable was the argument that it was ungovernable: that the country has never been a functioning nation-state, that its people, mired in a culture of violence not amenable to Western fixes, had no interest in helping to build a more open, peaceful society.

    The Longest War

  • In fact, Afghanistan is a much older nation-state than, say, Italy or Germany, both of which were only unified in the late nineteenth century.

    The Longest War

  • They knew that he understood the concept of a nation-state.

    The Longest War


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