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  • adj. myopic, suffering from myopia


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  • I grew up as a skinny, pimply, near-sighted gay kid in urban Philadelphia.

    Gary Cohan: The Bullying Years: A Survival Guide for Gay Kids

  • He was about my age, less hair, near-sighted like me I guessed from his glasses.

    The View From Cezanne's Studio

  • The fact that the dim-witted and near-sighted MPAA has slapped an NC-17 rating on Steve McQueen's Shame implies that there is something prurient about this film, whose central figure is a sex addict, struggling with his demons.

    Marshall Fine: Movie review: Shame

  • If businessmen wanting their cash get temporally near-sighted, climate scientists, lost in their graphs of millennia, get farsighted, forgetting that sometimes you have to duck bullets -- and they don't call it the 'methane gun hypothesis' for nothing!

    Nathan Currier: Methane in the Twilight Zone (Second Episode)

  • MR. MAGOO: THE TELEVISION COLLECTION 1960-1977 $79.97; Shout -- The near-sighted Mr. Magoo is a curious character.

    Michael Giltz: DVDs: Harry Potter Finale Arrives, Now Where's Pottermore?

  • And, finally, we head for the Marvel Universe and Miss America Comics 70th Anniversary One-Shot, a comic that proves that even flat-chested, near-sighted, skinny women can be super heroes — as long as they have super strength and can fly.

    Quick Hits – Batman, Red Robin, Buck Rogers, The Flash: Rebirth, and More

  • It added: "Before the assault he could see fairly well, although he was near-sighted, and now he can scarcely see at all."

    Records of Victorian women murderers and thieves placed online

  • We can endlessly rehearse the causes of industrial decline in Britain blaming the investors, the workforce and the entrepreneurs, but mostly it is near-sighted politicians and, ironically, those who believe intractably in free-market capitalism who have destroyed industry.

    Letters: Britain's economy and the German model

  • Teddy Carson barked at me a few times when I walked by his auto-body shop, told me he'd kick my ass when I came of age, but that winter he got shot between the eyes by a near-sighted hunter in the Piney Woods, and that pretty well ended any threat he held over me.


  • There was his chief engineer — old, near-sighted MacPherson — who told the story of returning home to be locked out of his house by his four-year kiddie that never had laid eyes on him before.



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