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  • n. A style of facial hair wherein the beard is allowed to grow down the chin and is trimmed to an even length over the entirety of the face.


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  • ...besides, i believe when the two finalist's were being assessed on a point by point playoff strength basis, it was noted that there was 37% less instance of 'neckbeard' on the hawks...

    Weight of the World: Shouldering Burdens, Rationalizing Decisions

  • Though, in this case, it's neckbeard vs. the future cast of the next Twilight film.

    Weight of the World: Shouldering Burdens, Rationalizing Decisions

  • Why on earth would a criminal do this so publically as to do it in a computer game infront of thousands of twitching net-sexers and neckbeard geeks.

    MMORPG Terror

  • I guess I should be angry...but vestiges of the reality distortion field are still caught in my neckbeard.

    You can't reverse engineer my presentation skills, sorry

  • January 30th, 2007 at 8: 15 am PST oh man that dude in the video has hell of neckbeard it is basically amazing reply

    Splashcast Launches One Player to Bind them All

  • Led Z, Tom Petty, Pearl Jam ... topfunky LOL my sis suggested I shave my neckbeard.

    Ivan Enviroman

  • A notebook that will undoubtedly get you noticed, an alarm clock to buzz you awake in all the wrong ways, and some hair cream to go in your neckbeard.


  • But I've been fascinated by the guy named Leslie Pridgen with the weird voice and the neckbeard ever since I heard him on "1-900-Hustler" in my brother's car after he bought


  • There are many geeks out there with a soft spot for, or an even-more-neckbeard-y DVCS, and they often wonder why Git is getting all the love.

    Painfully Obvious

  • No one's going to confuse some 350 pound fat-ass basement dwelling neckbeard with Ronnie Coleman. Stories / Popular


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  • It's likely Wiktionary tried to 'Neutral Point of View' their definition: some of their 2007 definitions mention it's derogatory.

    Dilbert made the unix beard a thing in 1995 

    February 25, 2018

  • Hmm. I've only encountered this word used pejoratively.

    A scraggly growth of hair on a man's neck and chin, indicative of poor grooming.

    "I can picture myself wearing these clothes a week from now, bits of food caught in my overgrown neckbeard and man bun."

    February 25, 2018