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  • adj. Of pertaining to a style of architecture based on classical models, especially such a style of the 18th century.

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  • adj. characteristic of a revival of an earlier classical style


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  • I would only point out your posts mention other musical works you listen to which appear to be in neoclassical vein.

    Keep On Darthin' In The Free World

  • What’s dangerous about O’Reilly’s line is that it links Christian virtue with prosperity, a theme that reared its head in neoclassical economics since the 1800s.

    Think Progress » O’Reilly Teaches Viewers the True Meaning of Christmas

  • One likely reason is his so-called neoclassical period, though as conductor Pablo Heras-Casado, who will be leading several of the festival's offerings, notes, the phrase is a misnomer.

    Stravinsky Crashes the Party

  • Mainstream (also known as neoclassical) economists consider sustainability to be a fad and are overwhelmingly committed to growth.

    Herman Daly Festschrift~ The world is in over-shoot and what to do about it

  • Mark Blaug calls neoclassical economics "sick", a "soporific scholasticism" of mathematical formalism where the slogan "No reality, please, we're economists" rules.

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • Mill's vision survived the so-called neoclassical revolution in economics beginning in the 1870s and is clearly discernable in the most important methodological treatises concerning neoclassical economics, such as John Neville Keynes 'The Scope and Method of Political Economy

    Philosophy of Economics

  • The winemaking philosophy can be defined as neoclassical—marrying the best of the New and Old World winemaking knowledge and traditions.

    The World’s Greatest Wine Estates

  • While outside the social sciences, the terms used in public discourse to refer to the neoclassical paradigm have changed over the decades, currently the terms laissez-faire conservative and libertarian are most often used to refer to it.


  • Then de los Santos and Ayers will move on to Prokofiev's D Major Sonata, which is defined as a neoclassical piece because Prokofiev was experimenting with classical music at the time he composed it.

    Summit Daily News - Top Stories

  • Where is the new French student revolution against it, albeit I'd love to see it starting in Canada this time and spreading over the whole world, wiping out this criminal nonsense, called neoclassical market economics?

    Vive Le Canada - All Stories - Vive Le Canada


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