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  • n. Someone who has started menstruation.


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  • She begins with a discussion of the term niddah, which she claims held ritual purity valence in Leviticus 15, and referred to sexual prohibitions in Leviticus 18 and 20, as well as most commonly in rabbinic literature.

    Female Purity (Niddah) Annotated Bibliography.

  • The term niddah is used in Jewish tradition in relation to menstruation.

    Baraita de-Niddah.

  • The use of the term niddah to describe the impurity of the land due to sin is found in Lamentations 1: 8 and Ezra 9: 11 and as an antonym of holiness in 2 Chronicles 29: 5.

    Female Purity (Niddah).

  • In other parts of the Bible, the term niddah was transferred to include abominable acts, objects (Ezekiel 7: 19 – 20) or status, especially sexual sins (Leviticus 20: 21) and idolatry.

    Female Purity (Niddah).

  • The term niddah was transformed into a metaphorical expression for sin and impurity in general.

    Female Purity (Niddah).

  • The opening chapter, which serves as an introduction, presents a practical ethic in which the author systematically describes as hokhmat ha-guf (wisdom of the body) the ideal practices of health and correct nutrition, as well as the mitzvot related to the body such as niddah and kashrut, which are not itemized.

    Rivke Bas Me���ir Tiktiner.

  • R. Joseph Hayyim discusses various areas of Jewish law pertaining especially to women, such as niddah and kashrut, and examines proper and improper character traits, such as jealousy and pride.

    Ben Ish Hai.

  • With niddah, certainly, that has been my process–anyone who saw the essay I wrote for the anthology I edited knows that I’ve struggled pretty hard with the idea of niddah myself.

    halakha is your friend - Danya Ruttenberg

  • Many of her informants speak of niddah as a rest from their husbands and while Cicurel suggests that this may be due to not liking sex, she does not address that issue but focuses on the informants’ belief that there is an “injunction to have sexual relations immediately after immersion.”

    Female Purity (Niddah) Annotated Bibliography.

  • Even if menstruation started before she sees evidence of blood, the rabbinical regulations say she's not niddah until she notices.

    Frank Schaeffer: God vs. Women


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  • ... However, the term niddah is overwhelmingly used in Judaism to refer specifically to the regulations and rituals concerning menstruation, and by extension a woman is said to be a niddah when she is menstruating, or has menstruated without yet completing the associated ritual requirements. Niddah is also the name of the Talmudic tractate (volume) which deals almost exclusively with this subject ...


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