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  • Quickwitted.


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  • Alas, things are looking much bleaker for Poseidon and company since some comrades have now shown their true colors, but thankfully they have some nimble-witted demigods on their side.

    Books in 2010, #5

  • This was the performance of a complete No10 in the classic mould, a fantasist and a finisher in one package, inspiring his colleagues with a flow of nimble-witted, technically flawless interventions.

    Wayne Rooney's revival promises a flourish on the grand stage | Richard Williams

  • They are generally complex men, interested, trigger tempered, yes ... but also nimble-witted and at times dry-as-dust funny.

    GreenCine Daily: Fests and events, 5/11.

  • If I rise, I rise lightly; if I sit, I sit prettily; I am nimble-witted at a jest and merrier-souled than mirth itself.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • On this occasion, Tilly was more knowing than Laura; but on this alone; for when Laura once grasped what they were driving at, she was as nimble-witted as any.

    The Getting of Wisdom

  • The lines had been composed by the most nimble-witted of the great professors of medicine of that time, William Bean of the University of Iowa.

    The Pill of Pills

  • Those guiding China's affairs are subtle, nimble-witted and far-sighted men, and it might well be that they would welcome a gradual rapprochement with the United States, and correspondingly a lesser dependence upon Russia.

    Communist China—Time for Reappraisal

  • When an opponent lost his stake, the nimble-witted gambler suggested: "I'll lend you some so the game can continue," and strict accounts were kept of who owed whom and how much.


  • A gusty, good-natured bruiser, not especially nimble-witted, but likeable.

    Three Hearts and Three Lions

  • Caliph Omar, with that famous but apocryphal rhetorical dilemma, put in his mouth perhaps by some nimble-witted reporter: -- "If these books agree with the Koran, they are useless, and should be burned: if not, they are pernicious, and must not be spared."

    A Book for All Readers An Aid to the Collection, Use, and Preservation of Books and the Formation of Public and Private Libraries


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