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  • noun slang, US, African American Vernacular Nigga, another slang term used as a euphemism or familiar adaptation to the derogative term nigger, utilized during the time period immediately before and during the Civil War in reference to slaves brought over from Africa.


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Blend of nigga and -izzle. Popularized by the hip-hop culture in 1990s and 2000s, as a rhyme of shizzle, as in fo shizzle my nizzle ("for sure, my nigga").



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  • (verb) - (1) To be slightly intoxicated, to be the worse for liquor; to be unsteady; usually in past participle nizzled. Nizzle-toppin, an actively-inclined but weak-minded person; mid-Yorkshire.

    --Joseph Wright's English Dialect Dictionary, 1898-1905

    (2) Neezled, little drunk or intoxicated.

    --Walter Skeat's Glossary of North of England Words, 1873

    January 17, 2018