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  • n. The perceived as perceived
  • n. That which is perceived in the noesis/noema duality
  • n. An obscure and subtle speech.


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From Ancient Greek νόημα (noēma, "concept”, “idea”, “perception”, “thought").


  • Thanks to its noema, even a hallucination is an intentional act.

    Edmund Husserl

  • Something similar goes with regard to the singularity of a hallucinatory experience's noema: if such an experience were veridical, it would, in virtue of its noema, represent a particular perceptual object in all relevant possible worlds (see Section 3 above).

    Edmund Husserl

  • Phenomenological description is concerned with those aspects of the noema that remain the same irrespective of whether the experience in question is veridical or not.

    Edmund Husserl

  • Husserl's notion of noema (hence his notion of intentionality) is most fundamentally rooted, not in reflections on the logical features of language, but in a contrast between the object of an intentional act, and the object ˜as intended™ (the way in which it is intended), and in the idea that a structure would remain to perceptual experience, even if it were radically non-veridical.

    Consciousness and Intentionality

  • The philosophical analysis of this immediacy is phenom - enology, itself based on a double binary structure of noesis/noema and formal/material.


  • Husserl wished to render philosophy into a rigorous science, and therefore labored to develop a systematic method for observing the world (the perceived noema) purely and without the presuppositions that can sediment themselves into our personal experiential histories and cause us to mistakenly assume what we do not apprehend, but found that this endeavor required an underpinning understanding of both the nature of the observer and the nature of observation itself (the subject and the noesis of perception).

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Putting Heidegger in the library’s grave of discarded lies

  • ˜noema,™ which plays a role similar to Frege's notion of ˜sense.™

    Franz Brentano

  • ˜noema™ is properly interpreted as having the characteristics of Fregean ˜sense.™

    Consciousness and Intentionality

  • Ideas [1913] 1983) the ˜noema™ or ˜noematic structure™ that can be common to distinct particular acts.

    Consciousness and Intentionality

  • Now he speaks of the spiritual weapons given by God "unto the pulling down of fortifications", (4) "bringing into captivity every understanding (noema) unto the obedience of

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 7: Gregory XII-Infallability


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  • Prof. Husserl directs your attention

    To quite a confounding invention.

    He calls it noema,

    A psychic edema

    Inflating an act of intention.

    March 26, 2018