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  • adj. In a way that is not local, or not specific to a location
  • n. One who is not a local; a stranger or foreigner.
  • n. An identifier that is not locally scoped.


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non- +‎ local


  • Mlodinow: The term nonlocal, the use was not correct with the pacemaker and all the electrical ...

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  • Regardless of whether we conceive of von Neumann’s Process I as a dualistic interaction between a mind and a brain, or as a unitary mind/brain process, the process itself is defined as nonlocal.


  • This second type of correlation is called nonlocal, in the sense that it cannot be explained by a common cause. - latest science and technology news stories

  • The "nonlocal" is usually called "The Holy Spirit, "comprising the Godhead along with "The Father, and the Son."

    Don Beck on Third Tier and Spirit in SDi

  • To claim that "nonlocal" is only the property of anything in "Second Tier" or God forbid "Third Tier," seems to be ignoring or minimizing the nature of the collective systems that produce the capacity, wiring, intelligences, and detection equipment to pick up on the diverse color-based manifestations of "nonlocal."

    Don Beck on Third Tier and Spirit in SDi

  • And, we all have a sense of "nonlocal" in Green, it is so visible in "new age" energetics that perceive angels and other spiritual forces that surround and protect us.

    Don Beck on Third Tier and Spirit in SDi

  • Given the vast number of out-of-body and near-death experiences, I find it difficult to reject the prospect of "nonlocal" consciousness; perhaps a sufficiently advanced technology can manipulate the "soul" as easily as we splice genes or mix chemicals in test tubes.

    Archive 2006-04-01

  • The important thing for this discussion is that Bohm’s theory is nonlocal, which is what the EPR paradox and Bell’s theorem are really about.

    How to Teach Physics to Your Dog

  • Jonathan agrees with dissident Nobel Laureates Brian Josephson and Sir John Eccles that thinking is not done in brain cells, and that telepathy and "nonlocal" mental phenomena may be possible.

    LA IMC

  • The whole "nonlocal" pattern runs through those world views in powerful and comprehensive displays of spirit-like "fields" that extend far beyond even places, such as shrines, burial grounds, or other such 'locations."

    Don Beck on Third Tier and Spirit in SDi


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