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  • adj. Not magnetic; not affected by a magnet.

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  • adj. not capable of being magnetized


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non- +‎ magnetic


  • As a result of ensuing manufacturing changes, some better-quality stainless is now magnetic and some lower grades are nonmagnetic, according to two industry sources, Alex Gafford, director of research and development for Char-Broil, and Mike Kempster Sr., executive vice president for Weber-Stephen Products Co., maker of Weber grills.

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  • And since higher grades of stainless steel are typically nonmagnetic and cheaper types usually are magnetic, the magnet test could help you find a stainless-steel grill whose exteriors might hold up better in the long run: Bring a magnet with you to the store and check the stainless on different spots like the firebox, shelf, and cart doors of the models you're considering.

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  • Fert and Gruenberg looked at current traveling through a multilayer stack of magnetized materials separated by nonmagnetic spacers.

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  • When the current temporary stops flowing for some reason, the domains may immediately return to their original sizes and shapes and the iron may become nonmagnetic again.

    Neutron Star at Core of Cas A Has Carbon Atmosphere | Universe Today

  • You can use titanium, which is a special type of metal; the same stuff that the space shuttle is made out of, it's nonmagnetic.

    CNN Transcript Oct 26, 2003

  • The nonmagnetic warheads were the only major ordnance that could get through the Anti defence screens.

    Spoor of the Antis

  • The arrow shafts are made of non-magnetic synthetics and the sharp heads are also made of a nonmagnetic metal alloy.

    Mystery of the Anti

  • The nonmagnetic plastic bullet crashed through his super-powerful defence screen and struck home where Thomas Cardif intended it to.

    The Man with Two Faces

  • He got a grip — a very poor one, with his gloved hand — on the slightly projecting edge of the hemisphere, and tried to pull it free, without success; and it was that failure which gave him the right answer — the only possible way in which an air-tight and pressure-tight seal could be fastened solidly, even with the parts out of alignment, with nonmagnetic alloys.

    Natives of Space

  • The silicate rocks ran only about twenty-five per cent iron -- in the form of nonmagnetic compounds.



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