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  • n. The region of simpletons; noodles or simpletons collectively.


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  • And he had over Byron this further advantage: his noodledom was not a matter of common knowledge; whereas Byron's vulgarity had ever needed to be in the glare of the footlights of Europe.

    Zuleika Dobson

  • Still, noodledom was nearer than vulgarity to dandyism.

    Zuleika Dobson

  • We either evade the concrete moral demands, or we deny the noetic effects of sin - that is to say, all the ways our minds and senses are screwed up until he goes to work on us - when we come to some passage that violates our latest cherished canons of philosophical or scientific noodledom.

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  • Repression and mystery, he considered wholesome for girls; and he considered the enlightening of them -- to some extent -- a prudential measure for their defence; and premature instruction is a fire-water to their wild-in-woods understanding; and histrionic innocence is no doubt the bloom on corruption; also the facts of current human life, in the crude of the reports or the cooked of the sermon in the newspapers, are a noxious diet for our daughters; whom nevertheless we cannot hope to be feeding always on milk: and there is a time when their adorable pretty ignorance, if credibly it exists out of noodledom, is harmful: -- but how beautiful the shining simplicity of our dear young

    One of Our Conquerors — Volume 2


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  • The polling reports a brutal sum:
    Small hope a better mood'll come.
    The people are sunk
    In electoral funk,
    In carefully nurtured noodledom.

    October 6, 2014