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  • n. Norovirus, the genus of a number of species of virus, family Caliciviridae, causing human gastroenteritis, of which Norwalk virus is the prototype.


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New Latin, from Nor(walk) + virus.


  • The term norovirus was recently approved as the official name for this group of viruses via CDC - Norovirus:


  • "Right now the key part to what we call norovirus season," said Dr. Arnot. : News

  • Most that are linked to a pathogen are caused by norovirus, which is responsible for an estimated 5.5 million infections a year.

    Food Dangers Get Closer Look

  • We found that the single biggest cause of foodborne illness in schools is something called norovirus, and norovirus is almost always traced back to problems with the handling and preparation of food.

    CNN Transcript Dec 16, 2009

  • The luxury liner was on a global cruise when more than 300 of the 1600 passengers and crew came down with norovirus, which is highly contagious.

    CNN Transcript Jan 25, 2007

  • The Marion County Health Department spokesman says it is the result of norovirus, which is typically something that you find maybe on a cruise ship or restaurants where people have been eating food prepared by others.

    CNN Transcript Dec 18, 2006

  • The outbreak was confirmed to be caused by the norovirus, which is highly contagious.

    The Full Feed from

  • Minnesota Department of Health officials are investigating the illnesses as a likely outbreak of norovirus, which is common in nursing homes and similar facilities this time of year. rss feed

  • Here in the United States, my most frequent complaint has been post-restaurant stomachache, undoubtedly from norovirus, which is both extremely common- 58 percent of the 9 million cases from known pathogens are attributed to it-and quite mild-fewer than .00003 percent of them die.

    Slate Magazine

  • Waukesha - While the Waukesha County Health Division hasn't ruled out other causes and has no confirmed lab tests yet, a norovirus is a likely culprit behind the gastrointestinal illness reported by 100 or more people who attended a charitable luncheon at the Country


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  • A group of caliciviruses causing human gastroenteritis. Also seen incorrectly as 'novovirus', but actually named for the town of Norwalk in Ohio, where an outbreak occurred.

    July 23, 2008