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  • noun Any of various compounds consisting of a nucleoside combined with a phosphate group and forming the basic constituent of DNA and RNA.

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  • noun a phosphate ester of a nucleoside; one of the monomeric components of DNA or RNA.

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  • noun biochemistry the monomer comprising DNA or RNA biopolymer molecules. Each nucleotide consists of a nitrogenous heterocyclic base (or nucleobase), which can be either a double-ringed purine or a single-ringed pyrimidine; a five-carbon pentose sugar (deoxyribose in DNA or ribose in RNA); and a phosphate group.

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  • noun a phosphoric ester of a nucleoside; the basic structural unit of nucleic acids (DNA or RNA)


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[Alteration of nucleoside.]

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From nucleo- (“relating to the nucleus”) + -ide (“chemical suffix”)


  • Pharmasset's lead hepatitis C drug, PSI-7977, is known as a nucleotide polymerase inhibitor and is designed to combat hepatitis C infection inside liver cells.

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  • The "all" s in numbers 1 and 3 are not "sneaky" misrepresentations of some ID advocates, although you yourself may not think ever nucleotide is special.

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  • Orchestrated gene regulation and expression networks across whole genomes facilitated by the jumping insertions * is* fairly new, and it offers a whole different level of evolution beyond fortuitous point mutations in nucleotide bases selected by the parameters of life and the luck of the Irish.

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  • Knowing the end configuration of the proteins one would need to estimate the starting protein nucleotide configurations and assume the chance of a mutation was equally distributed throughout the proteins.

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  • To examine the role of tRNA in amino acid activation more closely, several assays employing a tRNA analog in which the 2'-OH group at the 3'-terminal A76 nucleotide is replaced with hydrogen (tRNA (2'HGln)) were developed.

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  • In a front-loaded scenario, what could act as the trigger for a 79% increase in nucleotide substitutions?

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  • In prebiotic conditions the capacity of a stochastic process to generate and maintain nucleotide sequence patterns, independently identified as conferring functional utility, is required if common descent is correct.

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  • That is, for point mutations, the probability of a particular loci mutating to a particular nucleotide is independant of the advantage (or disadvantage) of the resulting allele for the organism.

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  • Some fifteen years ago you started your work in nucleotide chemistry.

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  • Pharmasset's molecule, PSI-7977, is one of a class of medicines called nucleotide analogs, or "nukes" for short, that small studies in certain patients have shown yield high rates of cure in just 12 weeks, with fewer side effects.

    Gilead's $11 Billion Gambit


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