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  • Then again, I wouldn't want to have a "nukular" armed Confederacy, with it's belief that EVERYONE should be just like THEM, pointing all of it's "nukular" weapons at us "commies" here in the Union.

    FreedomWorks, Tea Party Patriots head for the Hill

  • At least Obama is smart enough to actually make a speech, check your facts on Obama's education vs. our current 'nukular' president.

    Obama switches prediction: now says it'll be Celtics in six

  • She says "nukular", so she's bound to connect with the loyal Bushies

    Who Is Sarah Palin?

  • Can you just hear the prankster telling the First Dud to put Sarah on the phone, saying it's NORAD calling and Russian "nukular" missiles are inbound?

    Election Central Morning Roundup

  • If we were, how in hell would we have had Bush for president for the last what seems like eternity, with his maddening use of the word "nukular," his drunken "sh" slurs all over the place, his grammatical attrocities, and his mangled quotes (remember "if you fool me once ..."?)?

    Just When You Thought the Media Couldn't Get Any Worse...

  • Gone are the train wreck fantasies that kept you up at night; a 3am phone call and she, a heart beat away from the "nukular" codes.

    Shannyn Moore: Keith Olbermann Broke Up with Me

  • Bush's standup comedy routine with impersonator Steve Bridges at side-by-side podiums (someone sitting outside the Washington Hilton all night even told me TWO presidential limos arrived) has now been widely reported, with jokes like "the press humiliates me by not editing what I say" and parodying his "nukular" instead of "nuclear" pronunciation, joking about his pitiful 36% approval rating and saying Laura was "muy caliente."

    Nathan Gardels: Bush Disarms Comedy Central's Colbert

  • Bush has repeatedly stressed that Iran cannot be permitted to continue with its nuclear processing (he calls it their "nukular" bomb program, though there is no evidence that the country has a nuclear bomb development program, and in fact the last National Intelligence Estimate on Iran said there was not and hadn't been since 2003).

    It's the "Oh Shit!" Moment on Iran

  • I thought Bush was opposed to stem-cell research and high tech science stuff ... other than "nukular" bombs.


  • Hence the heated rhetoric of the past months around Iran's nuclear power program and its alleged plans to produce enriched uranium, from which "nukular" weapons are but a toad's hop away.

    U.S.-Israel-Iran Alliance: The Great Game Updated


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  • if we have palinpropisms, then we can have bushpropisms. A funny way of spelling nuclear.

    April 8, 2013