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  • adj. Having eight plane surfaces.

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  • adj. Having eight plane surfaces; thus, in the shape or form of an octahedron.
  • adj. Of, or pertaining to octahedra.

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  • adj. Having eight faces or sides; of, pertaining to, or formed in, octahedrons.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Having eight equal surfaces or faces.


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octa- + -hedral


  • Rutile is made up mostly of titanium dioxide with two rarer polymorphs anatase or octahedrite, which is a tetragonal mineral of pseudo-octahedral habit, and brookite, which is an orthorhombic mineral, the Doctor explained to her.


  • I think aragonite, olivine and ice have hexagonal crystals whereas diamond has octahedral.

    Universe Puzzle No. 3 | Universe Today

  • Ever. I slip my hands through the holes and into gloves, and pick up the biggest rock I see, a perfect 5-carat octahedral crystal three times older than the human species, formed during the age of the mastodons.

    Digging for Diamonds 24/7 Under Frozen Snap Lake

  • With an arrangement of three orthogonal and three octahedral transducers, the complete stress state in a soil can be registered and principle stresses, normal and shear stresses and stress invariants can be calculated.

    Soil compaction

  • How much does it derive from the gems 'brilliant sparkle, the product of an octahedral crystalline structure that reflects light in just the right way?


  • The stacking of the tetrahedral and octahedral sheets in the chrysotile structure has been shown to yield three types of chrysotile fibers: clino-chrysotile: monoclinic stacking of the layers, x parallel to fiber axis, most abundant formortho-chrysotile: orthorhombic stacking of the layers, x parallel to fiber axispara-chrysotile: two layer structure, 180┬░ rotation of two-layer structures, y parallel to fiber axis

    Geology of asbestos

  • In the octahedral layer (brucite), magnesium can be substituted by several divalent ions, Fe+2, Mn +2, or Ni+2.

    Geology of asbestos

  • In the case of chrysotile, an octahedral brucite layer having the formula (Mg6O4 (OH) 4) -4 is intercalated between each silicate tetrahedra sheet.

    Geology of asbestos

  • And that particular stone almost looks like the half of a diamond crystal, of an octahedral (ph) crystal.

    CNN Transcript Feb 14, 2006

  • In the large chamber beyond were three cylindrical assemblies of metal and crystal, more than a meter across and several meters long, glowing from within: at the core of each cylinder was an assembly of octahedral crystals, of a deep red-gold color.

    The Final Reflection


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