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  • n. A minor accessory mineral, CaTiO3, occurring in basic rocks, as orthorhombic crystals.

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  • n. A titanate of calcium, occurring in crystals of isometric form (though perhaps through pseudosymmetry), and having a yellow to black color.


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Named for Russian mineralogist L. A. Perovski (1792-1856) in 1839.


  • An alternative material, known as perovskite, is far less expensive than platinum and may do the job more effectively, engineers from the research arm of General Motors report in the March 26 Science.

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  • However, scientists have found that varieties of a doped mineral called perovskite work just as well, and sometimes better, than platinum.

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  • Soon it thickened, impeding her ascent; she began her relentless drilling climb through the lower mantle of oxidized iron and silicate perovskite.

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  • The temperature at the upper boundary of the lens, where the phase transition from perovskite to postperovskite occurs, is around 2,500 kelvins 4,000° F.

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  • I completed my work on the crystal growth of perovskite-type solid solutions and investigating them with respect to structural, dielectric and ferroelectric properties, and joined

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  • For almost 15 years, research on SrTiO3 and related perovskite compounds absorbed my interest: this work, performed with Walter Berlinger, concerned the photochromic properties of various doped transition-metal ions and their chemical binding, ferroelectric and soft-mode properties, and later especially critical and multicritical phenomena of structural phase transitions.

    K. Alex Müller - Autobiography

  • According to a report in Nature News, a team led by Wei Li at General Motors research and development labs in Warren, Michigan, US, has shown that oxides of the common mineral ore perovskite - fortified with the metals strontium and palladium - perform better than platinum at cleaning up the exhaust emissions of 'lean-burn' combustion engines.


  • We show computationally that perovskite-structure europium barium titanate should exhibit the required large and pressure-dependent ferroelectric polarization, local magnetic moments and absence of magnetic ordering at liquid-helium temperature.

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  • The cobalt-based perovskite catalyzed the reaction at rates significantly higher than platinum.

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  • By adding a bit of strontium and lanthanum into the mix, Li's team showed that the manganese-based perovskite catalysts converted NO to NO2 about as well as platinum-based ones did.

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