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  • adj. Describing the geometry of differentiable manifolds equipped with a closed, nondegenerate 2-form

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  • adj. Plaiting or joining together; -- said of a bone next above the quadrate in the mandibular suspensorium of many fishes, which unites together the other bones of the suspensorium.

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  • Placed in or among, or put between, as if ingrained or woven in: specifically noting a bone of the lower jaw of fishes interposed between others.
  • n. A bone of the lower jaw or mandibular arch of some vertebrates, as fishes, between the hyomandibular bone above and the quadrate bone below, forming an inferior ossification of the suspensorium of the lower jaw, articulated or ankylosed with the quadrate or its representative. Also called mesotympanic. See cuts under palatoquadrate and teleost.


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Calque of complex, by Hermann Weyl. Complex comes from the Latin complexus ("braided together") (from com- ("together") + plectere ("to weave, braid")), while symplectic comes from the corresponding Ancient Greek sym-plektos (συμ (sym), variant of σύν (syn) + πλεκτικός (plektikós), from πλέκω (plekō)). In both cases the suffix comes from Proto-Indo-European *plek-.


  • Your symplectic one, though, if it has made an error of one A.U. in its position, will put it one radian ahead or behind in its orbit, but still in its correct orbit.

    This "Fix" in the GISS Code « Climate Audit

  • If you can put your equations in Hamiltonian form, you can use a symplectic integrator.

    This "Fix" in the GISS Code « Climate Audit

  • I learned of the idea long ago but unfortunately I never really learned how the symplectic integration algorithm works.

    This "Fix" in the GISS Code « Climate Audit

  • During the second semester I first covered aspects of Riemannian, symplectic, Kahler and spin geometry.

    Not Even Wrong

  • Huxley to recognise what are the true homologues of the quadrate, the palatine and the pterygoid in adult bony fish, and to prove that the symplectic and the metapterygoid (tympanal, Cuvier) are bones peculiar to fish.

    Form and Function A Contribution to the History of Animal Morphology

  • He begins with an N = 2 theory with a moduli space and symplectic lattice of elmg. charges.

    The Reference Frame

  • Professor Auroux's research interests are in the fields of symplectic topology and mirror symmetry.

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  • In his doctoral studies, his main area of interest was in algebraic geometry and its interactions with symplectic geometry, mathematical physics and differential geometry.

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  • Ortiz is awarded for a remarkable stream of achievements during the period 1998-2007, encompassing physical modeling, mathematical analysis and computational technique, including in particular development of the quasi-continuum method for multiscale modeling; formulation of new incremental variational methodology for plastic deformation, with non-convex dissipation functions leading naturally to the formation of dislocation sub-structures; development of a three-dimensional, finite deformation cohesive element model for simulation of fracture and fragmentation, and associated development of symplectic integrators;

    iMechanica - Comments

  • Her efforts combined tools as diverse as hyperbolic geometry, classical methods of automorphic forms and symplectic reduction to obtain results on three different mathematical questions.

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