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  • transitive v. To open or unfasten by means of a zipper or become unzipped.

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  • v. to open something using a zipper.
  • v. to come open by means of a zipper.
  • v. To decompress a zip file

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  • v. open the zipper of


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  • Even on Ares-I, the 'unzip' would still liberate a large amount of incandescent SRM fuel outwards and upwards (even if the AIUS prevented vertical/near-vertical dispersion) that the Orion would have to descend through.

    Ares V - Ares 1 = Ares IV - NASA Watch

  • After the initial slow adoption of the gadget, the zipper has even infiltrated our civilian vocabulary now: to "unzip" is literally to open, but also to reveal a truth, as the zipper reveals the body underneath.

    Tove Hermanson: The Secret Sexy Life of Zippers

  • DNA molecules can 'unzip' into two separate strands, and when the cell's machinery creates matching strands, the specific pairing between the bases ensures that you get two faithful copies where you had one before.

    The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1962 - Speed Read

  • The tar command is used to "unzip" tgz archive files.

    Netvouz - new bookmarks

  • Some experts go further and claim that these pulses can "unzip" te DNA strand, affecting biological processes as gene expression and the own DNA replication, besides speed development of cancer and genetic mutations. - Business News

  • Just click here - you'll need to "unzip" it once you've downloaded it.


  • Sun Alert 201243 Sun Linux Vulnerabilities in "unzip" and GNU "tar" Commands

    Planet Sun

  • The first test scenario replayed benchmark data with a Unix "unzip" to unpack a typical mathematical model that was developed during customer behavior on a Website.

    Byte and Switch:

  • Once that was locked, we had to create a door rig which would in effect 'unzip' between being a completely healed clean door and a door with a very pronounced slash and metal ripped.

  • DNA can not replicate without proteins to "unzip" it.

    Aish Weekly Articles


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