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  • noun A fool; a simpleton: a term of abuse common in Ireland and to a less extent in the Gaelic-speaking parts of Scotland. Also omadawn, amadan.

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  • noun Ireland A fool, someone who is out of their senses, simpleton.


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An Irish word that appears in English literature and political speech.


  • When the meeting -- of some two thousand people at most -- has gathered, there is an unlucky fall of rain, advantage of which is taken by a local "omadhaun," or "softy" as they call him in Northern England, to mount the stage and make a speech, which elicits loud shouts of laughter.

    Disturbed Ireland Being the Letters Written During the Winter of 1880-81.

  • Taking little heed of the pelting shower the "omadhaun," who wears a red bandanna like a shawl, and waves a formidable shillelagh, makes a harangue which, so far as I can understand it, has neither head nor tail.

    Disturbed Ireland Being the Letters Written During the Winter of 1880-81.

  • “Maristan” was described by every traveller of the last century: and it showed a curious contrast between the treatment of the maniac and the idiot or omadhaun, who is humanely allowed to wander about unharmed, if not held a Saint.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • "Who the d---- l would marry the likes of you, you miserable omadhaun," said Jem Deady, who knew by instinct that this was a hostile expedition.

    My New Curate

  • "Oh, Denis, Denis, you are as much an omadhaun as ever," sighed Mrs. Quirk.

    Grey Town An Australian Story

  • Costigan, I say, come, ye little divil, and help me tie the knot, ye frikened _omadhaun_.

    Adrift in the Ice-Fields

  • By God! "cried he, with a quick raising of the voice," to-morrow I had been a landed gentleman but for you, you blundering omadhaun!

    Gallantry Dizain des Fetes Galantes

  • The words of the driver as he sailed away were -- "Go home and die, you moonstruck, gibbering, wobbling omadhaun," and she had thought that his description was apt and eloquent.

    Here are Ladies

  • "But 'twas enough to make a man angry to see that little omadhaun dancin 'an' flapping his arrums f'r all the world loike a monkey on a stick – an 'pardon to ye, Miss Norah, but I do be forgettin' he's y'r cousin."

    Mates at Billabong

  • No gang of men ever picked me for an omadhaun in the morning but found out they were mistaken before night.

    Sonnie-Boy's People


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  • a fool, an eejit

    November 8, 2007

  • "omadhaun, also omadaun, omadawn, omaudaun (Ir). var. omadhawn, omadaun, etc. amadán. A stupid, idle, foolish fellow; fool.

    "1974 Cahill 15 Do you know why we went broke in 1932 and England took our own government away from us, and sent over that clique of mouldy omaudauns in the first place? Do you?

    "1978 Evening Telegram 29 July, p. 16 'Oh, come on now,' sez Mr. English, 'sure I thought every omadhaun knew that.'"

    Dictionary of Newfoundland English

    January 27, 2009

  • Is this the drone of a mind unfree,

    Or does he lack the eyes to see?

    Is he automaton

    Or an omadhaun?

    Oh, why can he not agree with me?

    September 21, 2014