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  • adj. Chef's choice


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From Japanese お任せ (omakase, "it's up to you")


  • Instead, diners must accept whatever the chef gives them, a tradition known as "omakase" -- a Japanese expression that can be loosely translated as "trust the chef."

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  • Ravi DeRossi, owner of DeRossi Global, famous for bars such as Death & Company, will soon open Carteles, a four-course chef's table that he is describing as omakase-style in terms of both food and cocktails.

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  • To best experience the chef's handiwork, order the omakase, which is based on the number of dishes you prefer.

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  • I know when I have been to Philly you have a choice of three different price levels for omakase, which is what I imagine the restaurants omakase is like.

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  • The omakase was a nine-course tasting menu in which not a single dish was repeated on any table. - Home Page

  • Trust Them The ultimate dining experience for sushi lovers is "omakase" (loosely translated, "trust the chef"), in which the chef serves diners a meal of his choosing, based on what is freshest that day.

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  • But Arima-san will take the strengths in his kitchen on that day and present to you his best effort if you allow him to do so by ordering 'omakase' Chef's recommendations.

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  • This sleek date spot cranks out excellent sushi and sashimi, but the real treat is to sit at the bar and ask for "omakase" or chef's choice (call for availability).


  • In October, two activists posing as customers went to The Hump and ordered "omakase," which means they let the chef choose the choicest fresh fish. The Buzz

  • Like many regulars, Uhley prefers to eat "omakase," or whatever the chef recommends.

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  • This is something I'll have to try.

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  • This is so cool! I didn't know there was a word for "chef's pleasure."

    March 7, 2007


    March 7, 2007