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  • adj. Initialism of object-oriented.
  • n. The Greek letter omega.
  • n. A Hawaiian honeyeater of the genus Moho, now believed to be extinct.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. One.
  • n. A beautiful bird (Moho nobilis) of the Hawaiian Islands. It yields the brilliant yellow feathers formerly used in making the royal robes. Called also yellow-tufted honeysucker.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Same as o.
  • n. One of the Sandwich Island honeysuckers, Moho or Acrulocercus nobilis, the bright yellow axillary feathers of which were used with those of the mamo in making cloaks and leis for the chiefs. See Moho, with cut.


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Representation of a long-o sound.

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From Hawaiian ‘ō‘ō


  • -- Tbere is juft half a year's rent due the twentjMifth of this month,; rhich is the very day after tomorrow: — fhe never ufcd to be fo behindhand 3 but the m is for t une they have met with has been long coining oo,

    Lucinda Osburn: A Novel ...

  • Unlike their American double 'oo'-ed cousins, these almond cookies bear smooth tops and sandwich creamy fillings for a wonderful chewey texture.

    Archive 2007-03-01

  • I've heard modern productions do all sorts of things to get round the problem - usually by lengthening the 'o' at the end, so that it becomes more 'oo'-like, for both bow-wow and dow.

    On OP (the latest)

  • "Weya Muneto a ispeeche saketapun uske, ke niakew oo pauko-Koosisana, piko una tapwatowayitche numaweya oo ga nissewunatissety, maka oo ga ayaty kakeka pimatissewin."

    On the Indian Trail Stories of Missionary Work among Cree and Salteaux Indians

  • Or that there's a Japanese xx tribute band called the oo?

    Music news, reviews, comment and features |

  • They even hijack OOo from Sun with go-oo, which is a Microsoftised vrsion of OOo (Mono, VB, OOXML, etc) schestowitz

    Boycott Novell - Recent changes [en]

  • One crucial test the authors would need to do would be to show that this "oo" suffix can be used productively.

    Do monkeys have grammar?

  • The authors take this as evidence that "oo" is a suffix of some sort that modifies the meaning of the preceding part of the call.

    Archive 2009-12-01

  • On Halloween, for example, the "oo" might be replaced by two jack-o'lanterns.

    Eric Williams: Flag Hags

  • Afterward, we returned to the pictures and especially to LaRoux, whose face he would study for long stretches and whose name he repeated with that evocative "oo" sound.

    Remembering Laroux


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  • A Hawaiian honeyeater of the genus Moho.

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