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  • n. A small round calcareous grain found, for example, in limestones.
  • n. Rock, usually limestone, composed of oolites.

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  • n. A rock consisting of spherical grains within a mineral cortex accreted around a nucleus, often of quartz grains.
  • n. An ooid or oolith.


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From oo- + -lite, after German Oolit.



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  • ~ A variety of limestone, consisting of small round grains, resembling the roe of a fish.

    ~ Rock composed of small concretions, usually of calcium carbonate, containing a nucleus and clearly defined concentric shells.

    ~ Oolite sometimes constitutes extensive beds, as in the European Jurassic. In the British Isles oolitic limestone is characteristic of the middle and upper Jurassic

    ~ Origin: German ~ An egg.

    January 18, 2009