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  • Ought to.


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  • That title oughta bring in some interesting Google hits)

    haloaskew Diary Entry

  • It's a documentary about four different babies I think, from across the world, and it's basically just baby-porn that phrase oughta get you some interesting hits with shots of them falling over and cooing and being "adorable" and the audience breaks into these rapturous fits around me and I WANT TO SET THEM ALL ON FIRE.

    aka Baby Geniuses 7: International Spies

  • You're right that something has to be done, and that there is a large contingent of anti-intellectuals who enjoy shouting about what "oughta" happen and about their own theoretical constructs more than understanding that some solution needs to be implemented. Stories / Popular

  • Nobody is suggesting that everybody should oughta start wearing the Stars and Bars.

    Matthew Yglesias » Pro-Slavery

  • Tedoro, I hereby nominate you to take up the duties of 'calling it is what it is or what it oughta be called' ..... p.s. I thought your grammar was fine.

    Semi-automatic sub-machine guns

  • That guy oughta be embarrassed, if nothing else, to have blurted that out.

    kateelliott: Sotomayor

  • We are not in love but still we go for a long drive anyway, because this is the south, you say, and I oughta see it.

    Probably It's Nothing Fancy

  • I oughta come to your classroom and pop you in the nose, you jerk.

    Poet's Offer to Help Grieving Goes Unheeded

  • What we oughta do is take all of the social security money, and put it in a * slow way down to make sure your audience comprehends* “Lock Box.”

    Waldo Jaquith - Parallels.

  • TV Guide Magazine: On the upside, Matthew did a lot of people in Llanview a big favor, which oughta count for something.

    One Life to Live Spoiler Alert: Eddie Ford's Killer Revealed!


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