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  • n. The state or quality of being overextended


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over- +‎ extension


  • Still, the worry about overextension is real, and it reflects one of the stranger ideas of our time — that for the American military the apparently trivial problem of peacekeeping has recently proved to be more difficult even than waging war.

    Peace is Hell

  • According to a Portfolio. com/bizjournals study, "overextension" is a problem in Pittsburgh when it comes to the city's sports franchises. analyzed 82 markets in the United States and Canada to determine if they have the financial ability to support professional teams in baseball, football, basketball, hockey and soccer.

    Philadelphia Business News - Local Philadelphia News | The Philadelphia Business Journal

  • He also blamed the "overextension"   of benefits and salaries to educators for some of the financial hardships faced by schools.

    Siskiyou Daily News Homepage RSS

  • In October, the retailer said it would shut 21% of its namesake North American stores over the next two years, coming to terms with the overextension of its store network before the recession and predictions that U.S. growth will be slow.

    Gap's Profit Falls 36%

  • Meanwhile, as everyone knows, the problem was caused by an overextension of credit, housing bubbles occurring all over the world, and unregulated use of mortgage brokers and leverage of mortgage securities.

    Matthew Yglesias » Bush, Fannie, Freddie, Crisis

  • If anything, they SHOULD fear dumping money into financial institutions because there should be a genuine fear that overextension of credit or other sorts of bubbles should wipe out their investment even if the government has to intervene to save the economy.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Grain

  • A lack of international demand for the dollar, a drop in confidence in US debts and borrowing combined with overextension of stimulus packages and government spending will drive the down the value of the dollar.

    Duncan Quirk: Is Congress Taking Debt Ceiling Advice From Billionaire Who Routinely Made Huge Profits Shorting Currency?

  • I have long opposed overextension into the Export markets, as overcapitalization is rampant, for the numbers of Product Sales to be expected over the long run.

    Math and Economics, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • China's easy monetary policy between 2009 and 2010 had fueled a rise in inflation and a property bubble, and credit risk has risen from an overextension of loans to local governments and property firms, analysts from the ratings firm wrote in a report.

    Fitch Reiterates Warning on China's Banking System

  • (And I say this as someone who thinks that libertarians and conservatives have a point about the overextension of the commerce clause.) “Necessary and proper” is quite clearly a broad grant of power to do things not enumerated but which Congress deems to be integral to accomplish things that are within its enumerated power.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Bad News for Federalism? Some Preliminary Reflections on Comstock


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