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  • adj. Something or someone that can be paged.
  • adj. pertaining to computer memory that accepts paging


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page +‎ -able


  • Tree - C++ sparse array class - indexes can be numbers or strings menus and toolbars - build GTK menus and toolbars with simpler code zlock - use GTK in threads more easily and safely wprintf - printf () to scrolling window, specified row or next row zdialog - build GTK dialogs with simpler code pixbuf_rotate - rotate GDK pixbuf through any angle image_gallery - navigate image collection, pageable thumbnail window, clicked image callback

  • - For any selected competition, display a pageable, searchable list of all matches within that competition, ordered by date or team

  • - Display a pageable, searchable, list of all competitions that are supplied by the football super feed

  • - For any selected match, display a pageable, searchable list of all messages within that match, ordered by timestamp or team

  • Navigate images using a pageable thumbnail window.


  • We picked Dojo because WaveMaker is targeting enterprise developers who need not just nice color pickers but also sortable and pageable grids, solid internationalization and accessibility capabilities.

    Latest News from JAVA Developer's Journal

  • An attempt was made to access a pageable (or completely invalid) address at an interrupt request level (IRQL) that is too high.


  • My sample services returned stock quotes, but the final grid was not pageable.

    MSDN Magazine: RSS Feed

  • Or even better, after suspending the guest o / s, make the memory image pageable so that the memory manager can swap it out as needed.

    The Tao of Mac

  • Suppose you create a user control that contains a pageable grid of customers, and then you load the user control into the placeholder (see

    MSDN Magazine: RSS Feed


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